Friday, November 28, 2014

My first day in Tokyo, Japan

I'm not sure how to start writing this because i have too much of ideas 
I've been loving Japanese Fashion, Culture and everything about Japan by just watching youtube videos, Ghibli series ,collecting Japanese fashion magazines, and even reading blogs especially

I always thought going to Japan is very very expensive
 & I have not thought of travelling to Japan until I have a stable income.

Today, i proved myself wrong.
We have all source of budget companies that can help us to travel in budget
There's like budget airlines like AirAsia which provides lotsa promotions 
& also apps like Airbnb which is very helpful and convenient to get a homestay at a very cheap price in a foreign country
Just FYI,I managed to get Airtickets from AirAsia for only RM820 return ways excuse me
& I spend less than RM1K for 8 days of stay in Tokyo (included one luxury stay in Traditional Japanese Ryokan)

Btw except for transportation, i think the expenses in Tokyo is cheaper compare to Singapore
and everything is not that expensive like what i thought

Let's get back to the topic
Our flight is at 2:40pm and we touched down at Tokyo around 10pm 
So we checked in & went to Nanny's Pavillion to chill until the boarding time (our usual spot in KLIA2)

We reached KLIA quite early 
so yeah Waiting is such a pain in the ass
Especially when you're waiting for something that you're really looking forward to

Gets all our gadgets ready ;D yayyyy *excited*

Portable wifi from beeemobile 

20 minute before boarding, we start to take our own sweet time to walking to the boarding gate
Apparently it is better to wait at the gate cause KLIA2 is so freaking big & we're almost late for our flight ;\
We're the last group of person to board the plane
and along our way to our gate there's people shouting at us to ask us run to our gate
we really did haha damn ganjiong

Dirty casing *pukes*

We're so hungry and we ordered Nasi Lemak on Board 
Oh man, this Nasi Lemak taste really really bad ;\

I was so so so freaking excited I couldn't sleep at all in the flight
We even played Monopoly on ipads lol


Once we touched down at Haneda Airport
I am already fascinated with everything

JM and I did the silliest thing ever
We ran to the toilet
just to experience how the well known Japanese toilet bowl works

soooo many butttonnns

Both of us were really amazed and LOL in the toilet
people out there might be thinking we're crazy 
cause the bidet(to wash your private parts) is so fun and they aimed so well (0.0")

And once you reached the immigration, there's helpful staff who will escort you to the line
and help you with the embarkation card (which you'll never find service like this in Malaysia)

We're so glad that all the staff in the airport are very helpful and the signboards are all good enough to guide you to where you want to go 

just a reminder, remember to get a MRT map from the information counter it definitely help alot
Trust me having a map on your hand makes a big difference compare to you scrolling your google map or a print screen of this complicated MRT line maps

Then ,We took train to our homestay in Shinjuku

I'm not sure if you'll be amazed with this but I definitely am amazed with this shit
My first time seeing & sitting on a cushioned MRT seat
Singapore and Malaysia all plastic one damn uncomfortable right
//that guy might be thinking we're weird too cause we're excited over everything//

 & yesssss vending machines at the platform (0.0)
how can you not be excited when you see this

Dint get to try all of them but mojority of them taste veryveryvery good
Especially their hot milk tea
While walking to our homestay

So this is homestay for 2 nights 
small but clean & cozy ;3

Once we checked in to our homestay we straightaway went to the convenient store next to our homestay

I think this is a minced tuna handroll
it taste amazingly gooood, cheap and good

Do i really have to describe this ? 
Taste better than any of the omu rice in SG or MY

My first onigiri is actually the crabstick one 
It is too delicious until i forget to take a picture of it I couldnt find it on google either
It was just a normal looking sushi
But the first bite is omgeeeee
how on earth can have such a nice sushi and it is from a freaking family mart

You have no idea how many times I teared for all these cheap & heavenly good food
Everything is just amazing ok you have to try everythinggggg
After that we went to walk around the street and look for supper again ;3\

not the most delicious ramen i've eaten in japan
but still very very good

So basically all these sum up to my first day in tokyo
Seems nothing much, but a memorable day for me
Glad that i have such a wonderful photographer friend coming with us, 
actually he is the one who planned the trip & asked us to join lollll
will definitely update the other part of my exciting trip soon


Dont mind me for a shoutout ;3

Just right before i went to japan
i did my lashes & brows at

really love how natural the brows eembroidery they did for me.

Here's their address
Black Swan by Rebecca
254A Serangoon Central Drive
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