About Me

Hi Sweetie, Thanks for reading my blog.
My name is iiwen, lots of people pronounced it wrongly.
 It actually pronounced as "Yiwen" instead of "(Ai)wen"
I'm 20 this year. I'm born at 5th of MAY 1993 in Kelantan,Malaysia 
which is a very very Kampung Place in Malaysia.
Moved to Kuala Lumpur since I'm 9 y/o
and came to Singapore to further my studies since I'm 19, 2012
Currently took a Nursing Course in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

I've been start blogging since I was 14? or maybe 13. not really sure.
I used to blogged about my own lifestyle, relationship, i take blog as my diary.
Blogging has been a habit to me till now.
But now I blog more about Beauty & Styling Tips, Fashion, Travelling & etc.

One of the motivation for me to blog for this long is my readers.
Whenever I receieve comments from my readers and I will be super happy.
Love it when they love the tips i shared and they find it useful for them.
Cause each of them means so much to me and motivates me support to continue blogging.
So even you , the one who reading now also gives me motivation to blog.

I really hope this blog would maintain for long, maybe until I die?
and maybe when i'm old i still have a chance to look back what i posted / shared in the past ?
So, stay and read my blog.

Love, xoxo.

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