Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jstar Final Stage

If you're following me on Instragram, twitter or maybe subscribed my FB 
you would know that I've join this contest.

This contest is held by Jrunway, a concept store of Japanese Fashion

This is the video of the JRunway Launching Video
 watch to know more about JRunway

So JStar which is a contest to be the Brand Ambassador of Jrunway !

There are 300 people actually applied for this contest,
They actually choose 20 of we lucky people out of the 300 participants. !!!

So here's the final stage ...
I actually put in alotsa lotsa effort into this contest la 
Done alot shopping and done alot of research of Japanese Fashion to get myself really into it.

Okay, today is the day ! 
im so freaking nervous !!!

everything set up nicely for the event !

ahhhh !!! so many people came to support !!!

uhm, thats Deborah behind lollll 
i want to post this even she spoilt this photo coz i look nice ah ;\ heeehhhss

gonna be a lot of selca pics here cause i really look nice on that day. hahaha

from the left

to the right lollllll

continue to camho while waiting for my turn

She's very pretty !!! she looks so korean omg

okay from the left again

to the close up pic ;D

and my face with the Jrunway wordings. lollll

and the Interview session begins.
Jacqueline is the first one !

 I'm no.17 so far behind... sooooo
Have to do something to get myself distract from being nervous mah.
so i shall just camho hehe.

and again.

and Guess who came !!!

My lovely classmates Shini & Lix ! omg they really made my day
I really din expect them to come. Love them loads uh !!!
such a lovely suprise

and suprisingly Lishiean another contestant from Jstar is also Shini's friend.

this pic i steal from Lishien's FB lolll 

and Ernest came too ! omg ;( 
so touched. he support me for my 2nd Runway in SG !
such a nice friend. 

and my turn for the interview session !

The picture is abit blurrrr hmm
omg I'm so nervous !!!


talked quite awhile to Qiuqiu (one of my favorite blogger) during the interview session. omg shes so nice
she look even prettier in person and TALL
and Mr.Soda from Bark in Style and Natsuko San from SCawaii Magazine  !

so here's the group photo of all of the contestant of the final stage !

and also with the judges !

Proceed to the next !
Tokyo Fashion Night 

and we will have a Runway walk with Japanese models from BARK in STYLe

Tokyo Fashion Night x Jrunway x Bark in Style
it's quite dark inside so the pictures we took not very nice ;(

She's a Japanese Fashion Blogger Golly Locks ! i read her blog too!
shes very nice in person and prettyyyyy !!

All of us !!!

me finding lights in the dark to camho.

and the best one is in the toilet !
took a picture with yiling. Shes so naise T_T i like her

And guess who ? Sofia Wakabayashi !
Asia next top model representing Japan !
She's really stunning omgggg
Im so proud and pleasured to share the runway with her 
and others proffesional models from Bark in Style !

so here's the pictures taken by Proffesional Photographer Jawsure
and that's my OOTD hahhh nice or not.

Top from Emoda
Chained Necklace from
Leather skirt from some blogshop
Red Killer heels from Anna Nucci Italy 
Hairdo x Makeup done by myself also

Last but not least, congrats to all the contestant who get into the Top 10 finalists !
And I'm proud to be one of them la !

And we are the Chosen finalists will be entitled to:
-1 year modelling appointment with JRunway
-Paid runway modelling opportunity 
-Paid campaign shooting engagement for online/print media
- Media feature
-Invitation to VIP exclusive events
-Blog portal customisation
-Premium membership

from the 10 of us there will be a Grand winner which will be annouced on November !

-5 days of modelling experience in Japan (flight & accommodation included)
-Professional shooting and fashion reception experience, Harajuku& Shibuya tour
-PR spokesperson
-Blog portal premium position

This is one of the best experience in my life OMG 
no regrets applying for this contest 
And I still hope that I can make it to the grand winner of course xD

And we'll having a filming session with Natsuko-San from Magazine S-cawaii later at 6pm

more to come peeps ;)
stay tuned kays.

Loves, iiwen.