Monday, May 27, 2013

Loving date with boyfie

Blogged quite often recently, good girl good girl
must keep this up ahaaaaa.
Please be prepared alright, cause I'll boom this post with lotsa vain photo of me and my boyfie
and also our overload sweetness photo of us ;P

Last Thursday, Had a loving date with my dear

Wanted to go KLCC but jam like hell, so keep calm and camho
Made a u-turn change plan and head to midvalley lol

mehhh sweet or not ;P

We had our brunch @SushiZanmai, The Gardens

Salmon Feast ?
and also ordered tons of my favourite sushi. 
slurppp nomnomnomnomnnommm
tehhee tummy is full of joy

Our favourite Salmon Mentai 

eat and camho. eat and camho. eat and camho
sorry lar. spam you with our photos 
but we really enjoy camho mah ;P 

after done pamper our stomach, went to Starbucks to chill
to plan our next getaway hohoho. 
where to go ah ? sorry its a secret hehhhsss
meawhile also wait the time to pass until dinner time lol
good life siolll ~ *just one in awhile

Favourite Caremel Machiato

Nah , another vain photo of mine ;P

forever-act-cool guy. tsk

Okay after 4 hours slacking in Starbuck and waiting for our stomach done digesting
the yummy sushi swimming in our tummy

we went to @Chili's, Midvalley Megamall for dinner
Treated him for this meal cause he passed his english test
so it means he's coming to SG to further his study
OMG, no one else can feel the happiness in me.
im happy so i treat him dinner lo hehhhss

even him also camho. aiyooo pattern banyak !

hehes pretty pretty me ^.^

kissed me to thanks me for this meal
and i kiss him back

WTS is this reaction ?!

stupid face -.- he's seriously a very annoying bf

anw back to food

this big portion how to finish ?!

xx OOTD xx

Did you realize any difference in all the photos i posted ?
Color wise ? 
I actually bought this awesome camera Casio TR150 that every girl loves it !
Almost took me a decade to get this ready stock.

Things come together.

Gonna blog about this awesome camera soon. i mean next post lol 
and you can also revise from these picture in this post
since all the photos in this post is captured by my new baby Casio TR150

If you're interested to buy this camera pls LINE me ;) @iiwentan93