Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Taiwan Girls Trip Day 1

sorry i just have to show you this just-wake-up look uh !
its 5am in the morning in Changi Airport, while ready for boarding.
so here is it ! Finally i've done gather all the photos from my phone, Jia's cam, my cam
Urgh, just hate to manage photos.

sorry that i bring up this Taiwan Trip post soooo late ;(

camho all the way ! #girlsbeinggirls
Kaili, Jiachyi, me, Jiajia

ordered chicken rice while i book the flight ticket 
cause I'm really afraid that I'll just starve to death during the 5 hours flight.
Suprisingly the Chicken Rice is really really nice la ! thou the packaging doesnt look nice.
the aroma is damn crazy. when i opened up the packaging i feel like the whole plane smells like my chicken rice.
 or maybe im just hungry ;\
so no regrets for ordering the Chicken Rice first !

Reached Taoyuan Airport and the first thing WE DO !
BUY A SIMCARD with 3G connection !
it's a mustttt
see that two girls =.= forever cannot live without phone.
typical youngsters nowadays 
We actually bought the 3G plan from 台湾大哥大
while my friend say that they have the best coverage 
and we bought the Unlimited 3G plan for 10 days is NTW800
and we all share the connection through personal hotspot
so is quite worthy !

while waiting for our personal MPV to come !

Taiwan here we gooooo ~
so our first stop - 宜兰 Yilan


that lil girl spoiler la ;(
and so here's my OOTD !

okay. this is the remote control like thing which beeps when your order is ready !

one of the reason that why i love Taiwan
They can bring their lovely dog and their dog is always BIG IN SIZE
taiwan dog food better isit ?  why all so big size one.

went up to the rooftop and took a group photo.

yeah, thats the driver lolllll 
coz he look very pity. keep looking at us only ;(
so i asked him to join us instead of standing there watching us
its like really awkward !!!

Our timer set for like 3 seconds only 
Thats why like that lolllll
stupid jiajia's idea
where got ppl put timer 3 seconds one.

so here's the view from the rooftop !

there's this mesuem in Yilan also lah
i wanted to go there so badly cause the building really look nice lah
and the driver said no point going in
the history is just lame.
I was like okay....
take picture lo.

nice right ! see the reflection.

another cute lil puppy spotted ! hehehehe

Then we went back to our apartment and change our clothes
then we go night market for dinner !
okay okay ! around 7 the sky is dark, it just like 8pm in Msia & SG
when i looked at the time i was shocked la !
feel like the end of the world hahaha
okay back to night market.

conclusion i think this is one of the best night market after i been to so many ones.
maybe it's my first stop or something.

The first thing i saw ! Smelly tofu !
My favourite !!


                                     okay since i've been eating the very common smelly tofu like this one
so i shall just try the other one la ! 

I SWEAR TO GOD ! this is the best chou tofu I've ever tried la !
even my friend who dont want to try smelly tofu says that its nice !

Then, the very common snacks in TW 葱卷饼

omg this is also very nice ! all the food here very nice !!
it's really crusty and there's abit warm at the sugar layer and the strawberry is COLD 
jiachyi actually went back there and bought another stick

And then, this chicken wing stuffed with rice inside !! also very nice ah

Okay , feel like posting about my Taiwan thing is not a very good thing ;(
Cause i starve all the way while writing this post.

Lil Reminder :

Actually i made this Travel schedule myself, spend like more than a month to get everything nicely done.
It really very important to have such schedule with you 
when you're going somewhere else to travel
so you'll not be trambeling up and down 
don't know what's going on.

So there it goes ! My first day in Taiwan, Yilan !


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