Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Disney SEA

Been wanting to continue writing about my Tokyo trip blog post 
But i wanted to edit a vlog first before i publish the post
All of the videos are with my friend, his procrastination is really ..........

So i shall just proceed with my DisneySea post because we din get to record videos there
Cause all the cameras we brought ran out of battery *sads*
Been saving the battery so hard , and trying to get them alive by using powerbank #travelproblems
Not sure if you guys will understand how i feel
but this is my FIRST TIME going to Disney 
 when i told my friend they be like " are... you... serious..."
YEAHHHH ?! YAY !!! cant believe that The first DisneyLand I visit will be the one in Japan
wohoooo ~

Disney Train!
That signature Mickey window 
How eggcited

Scenery from the Disney Train ( still cant believe i've been to this wonderland) lol
For me it feels like a dream !

How can this not be a dream, i guess this is the Disney Hotel 
Such a pretty castle !

Well here we are ! Disney Sea *Scream*

Is this too much of selfies ? hahaha
Selfies with all the landmarks

Whats the first thing we do when we reach the entrance?
Screams for all those super cute HeadGear omgggg
you've no idea how eggcited we are, makes me feels like im a kid again
Both of us get the same minne headgear
but as for me 
Yes , 3 headgears 
Leopard Ribbon Minnie, Olaf, and Little Green Man !

Btw i thought the headgear might cost us a bomb
but apparently it is not, its around RM39-49?
thats pretty darn cheap for disney stuff right?
Now, who say everything in japan is expensive
here's another proff that you are wrong 

 k thats abit too much pictures of myself lols

Lets look Those Breathtaking scenery 
such a wonderland

 Omg, this Mrs, incredible looks so so so real
even the way she walk, and actions are so so real
I was so impressed 

Something that suprised me is their snack stalls around the park
They have all kinds of flavor of popcorns, you name it they have it
curry, strawberry blablablabla
snacks like this you might think its just nahhhh
But wow, WOW, you geddit?
And all the staff looks so cute in their uniform and they are all super polite

Super cute snackbox
Sandwich IceCream ? Boring
nonononono ! NO ! you are wrong

This ordinary and boring looking icecream 
with just a stamp of a mickey mouse on it
Taste like heaven 
Has to be one of the must try snacks when you visit DisneySea!

While Queueing up for Little Green Dumplings !
 Look what I've got !
How can you not fell in love with this cutesie snacks
how can you ?
This is the cutest and the best snacks we found in Disney Sea
It is a Mochi Icream !
with vanilla strawberry and chocolate flavor.
Best, Best, BEST geddit?

You jelly ? hah.

Happy dumplings ;P

Such a heaven.

Apparently we only get to ride 3 different Rides,
My favorite has to be the Tower and the Indiana Jones
Not gonna describe, because you just have to experience it yourself.
Best ride ever. Must try if you pay a visit to Disney Sea !

 Btw, Shopping for these Duffies cutie pies are madddddd
all of us went so so crazy we dont even know that we missed the fireworks, well well

Look how my friend pack these cuties 
Btw this is my favorite buy ;P cute right

That's All for my Disney Sea Post !
But I think, i wouldnt pay another visit unless i really have to
Because I find the tickets is quite pricey and it's too crowded we din get to try a lot of rides
But it's definitely a nice place to shop for duffies and beautiful scenery 
Still a pleasant and a memorable one.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pre-loved items for sale

Wardrobe cleaning

Spent sometime to clear my wardrobe cause i know there's still tons of clothes in my wardrobe has not been worn, some still attached with price tags lol 

So i decided to try if i can sell them online at cheaper price (Nothing more than RM50) so all these pretty apparels doesn't go to waste

Do take note that

dont expect the clothings you bought to be newly new ,
even though some of them are with tags, but they might hiding in my wardrobe for more than a year so yeah

Do make sure that the sizing fits you before you purchase 
Most of my clothes are XS and S dont worry if you're size M or L, there might be some clothing from my wardrobe are too big for me so i dont wear it anymore.
(will put sizing next to the name of the apparels)

All price are included postage (just fyi, postage cost RM7) 

So if you see something you want ;) or you wanna help me clear my stuff
Do email me at
or Wechat me : @iiwentan

Sexy White Straps Top 
(Size S) - RM77  RM39 

Washed once, never wear it our before

Original Price : SGD 29 = RM77
Size : S
Quality : Strechable Cotton
Reason to sell : too sexy for me lol actually 
its more like my boobs is too small for this kinda top (i think)
I bought this just for Zoukout but i didnt wear it cause i found another more suitable ones
----------------------------------postage included ------------------------------------

Black Mesh Stripes Skirt 
( Size 24-25) -  RM54 RM35

Wore it once
Original Price : SGD 20 = RM55
Size : S
Quality : Strechable
ootd link :
----------------------------------postage included ------------------------------------

Sweet Yellow Dress
 (Size S-M) RM59  RM29 

wore once
Price : RM59  RM29 
Size : S-M
Quality : Look at the detailed picture above
Reason to sell : too big for me
Ootd link :
----------------------------------postage included ------------------------------------

Blue Printed Top
 Size : M (RM49  RM29)

wore once
Price : RM49 RM29 
Size : M
Quality : Mesh /Chiffon
Reason to sell : too big for me
----------------------------------postage included ------------------------------------

Knitted Blue Cardigan 
 (Size S- L) RM59  RM25

wore once
Price : RM59 RM25
Size : S-L
Quality : Knit
Reason to sell : too big for me
----------------------------------postage included ------------------------------------

Checkered Tube Legging Set
Size : XS-S RM59 RM30

Brand New
Price : RM59 RM30
Size : XS-S
Quality :Strectchable
Reason to sell : i have two sets of these
----------------------------------postage included ------------------------------------

F21 Knitted Mustard Top
Size : S-M RM79 RM30

Brand New
Price : RM79 RM29 
Size : S-M
Quality :Knitted
Reason to sell : not wearing it anymore
----------------------------------postage included ------------------------------------

Just incase you're too bored with all clothes

I'm letting go all BRAND NEW Cosmetics
Kate Tokyo Spotlighting Shadow Each at only RM25
Sasa is selling at RM59 If im not wrong

codes for each eyeshadow according to the picture above
OR 2 // BR2 // PU 1
BR1//PK 1

Each of the platelet consist of Base Color, glossy light, medium color and dark color
Definitely an easy to use & handy platelet

Naked Truth CC Cream at only RM25
----------------------------------postage included ------------------------------------

Jeans Stripes Tube Dress 
Size S-M RM49 RM25

Wore Once
Price : RM49 RM25
Size : S-M
Quality : Stretchable cotton jeans  
Reason to sell : not wearing it anymore
ootd link :
----------------------------------postage included ------------------------------------

Color blockings Checkered Tube Romper
Size S  SGD 25 = RM66  RM 45

Wore Once
Price : RM66  RM45
Size : S
Quality : Cotton (very good quality)
Reason to sell : not wearing it anymore
----------------------------------postage included ------------------------------------

Knitted bandage flare skirt 
 Size 24-25 RM59 RM45

 Brand New
 Size 24-25 
RM59 RM45

Zara Slim Denim RM30 only
Size stated as above

----------------------------------postage included ------------------------------------


Long sleeves stripes top RM39  RM20

Wore Twice
Price : RM39 RM29 
Size : S-M
Quality :Cotton
Reason to sell : not wearing it anymore

Cotton On TieDye Red Tank Top ( Size fits XXS-M )  RM49.90  RM20

Worn : Once
Original Price : RM49.90
Size : Even though the tag sizing is XXS it can fits up to size M
Quality : Mesh TieDye
How to wear it : I think this top is perfect for rave lolsss
or beach party, or maybe outfit for picnic ?
You might also can pair it with a little black dress 
and you're ready for clubbing or maybe CNY 

Red Stripes Crop Top (Size S-M) RM45 RM20

Worn : Twice
Size : S-M
Quality : Cotton
Original Price : RM45.00
Best for Casual wear 

Floral Checkered Romper (Size S-M) RM49.90 RM20

Worn : Twice
Size : S-M
Ori Price : RM49.90
Quality : Chiffon

BlackWhite Checkered Zip Shorts ( Size 24-25) RM29 RM20

Brand New
Original Price : Rm29,90
Quality : Stretchable Cotton 

Leopard Print Jacket (Size S-M) RM49 RM20

Brand New With Tag
Ori Price : RM49.00
Quality : Cotton
Bought it in Taiwan

Stretchable Floral Bandage Skirt ( Size 24-25) RM39  RM20

Worn : Twice
Ori Price : RM39.00
Quality : Stretchable Cotton
Can Pair with any plain tops 

Lace Tiffany Shorts with Pockets ( Size 24-25) RM39  RM20

Worn : Twice
Ori Price : RM39.00
Quality : Stretchable Cotton
With Pockets ;) Pockets is everyone's best friend
will definitely look cute with any white top

BlackWhite Strips Leggings ( Size S-M) RM25  RM20

Brand New 
Ori Price : RM25
Quality : Stretchable Cotton
Wear this and take an ootd shot
This stripes leggings will lengthen your legs & makes you looks slimmer

Jeans Pastel Floral Skirt (Size 24-25) RM49.90 RM20
Brand New
Ori Price : RM49.90
Quality :Jeans with Zip Behind

Stretchable Houndstooth Legging RM39 RM20

Worn : once
Ori Price : RM39.00
Quality : Stretchable Jeans Cotton
Ootd link :

You can try Nego with me, item sold if negotiation is reasonable,
just wanna clear everything off & not occupying space in my closet

Contact me
Email :
Wechat : @iiwentan
Facebook :