Sunday, December 8, 2013

Instant Double Eyelid Surgery

Hi, im back again.
feeling super demotivated to blog ever since some genius created this Apps called "Dayre"
I am a very lazy kind of person, so when some convenient apps comes along
I would rather to use the apps instead of opening my laptop just to blog 
Anyway I blogged almost everyday over there. so if youre dissapointed reading my not updated blog 
please do find me in Dayre okay.
Username : @iiwentan

"Instant Double Eyelid Surgery"
Trying to cheat your attention by the title.
& Actually what i wanted to share today is my Double eyelid.

Well, double eyelid is not as simple as you thought.
It really did a very big change to everyone. Trust me it does magic.

Im blessed to have a natural double eyelid.
But sometimes, when i need to put on a thick make up.
Double eyelid is definitely the point that help your make up more stand out.
here's a picture without eyelid tape.

It might be an ordinary eyelid tape.
but i believe its very very important for most of the girls

Using I-Beauty Double eyelid tape
not sure if you can tell the difference.
but for me i can obviously see my eyemake in a different way
way more sexy and my eyes look more energetic? hmmm

You can obviously see i used it in different type of make up

Try to peel it off from the paper without using your finger to touch the sticky

Paste it exactly at your double eyelid line
dont paste it too high up else it wouldnt look natural
unless you want something really really fake looking.

Theres actually a cut between the eyelid tape 
So its easier to peel off 

Peel another side 
use a thong to adjust a it helps to paste your eyelid correctly.

And youre done !!!
Easy way to get a instant double eyelid surgery lol

and one thing really good about this tape.
Its double sided eyelid tape.
it actually stick both side of your skin.
& the eyelid tape will sort of hidden in your eyelid (if it makes sense)
Then no one wil know that you're using a eyelid tape.
Trust me after you paste it
youre eyelid will looks like you have a cut on your eyelid
instead of a ugly looking sticker on your eyelid.

So that's the outcome !!
Instant Double eyelid surgery. lol
Go get it now.

SMS/whatsapp : +60 17-418 8728


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