Friday, December 6, 2013

Monso Tokyo Hair Design

Hi people, its been awhile since i last blog. 
been kind of busy with my lifestyle. need to be more hardworking OMO.
Its also been awhile since i last get my hair done.
I need to let my hair rest because ive been continuously getting hairdye for almost half a year 
aihs. super spoilt hair...

Then i came back to Monso Tokyo Hair Design as pudding is growing on my head LOL
and the color fades to gold ?
which makes my hair looks so so grassy.

in my usual seat which is at the cornor. 
i like staying in corners idk why.
but they said people who likes to stay in corner lack of secure.
which is kinda true....

Now here i have picture of the environment in Monso !!

its a very cozy place. I can almost fell asleep there 

This time i choose to go for Red !! as its the trend color for this season...

wuahhh my forehead looking super tall here.

 This time I have time for treatment !!
omg they have the same treatment as Number 76 which is my favorite Jap Saloon in KL !!

this Supersonic treatment its really the best treatment ever
my hair goes really smooth after then
Looks like im in a aerospace hahahaha
this steam is to smoothen my hair.

I request Mr. Soga to do something special on my hair 
so that i would look special later on at the event !!

He made me turns into Medusa lollllll
Its really fun when you can see lot'sa funny machines can be use on your hair and turns you into something weird...
So... Here's the outcome !!!
so pretty and elegant !!! i love it so much 

 Finally, a picture with Mr. Soga !!!

Arigato Gozaimasu...
Nothing is better than a Japanese Hairstylist.
Japanese is always the best...

Monso Hair Design Tokyo 
The Gallery Hotel Singapore
Robertson Quay
Singapore 238909
+65 6836 5585

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