Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nature Republic Soothing Gel

Hello ! i think i get your attention from my instagram /facebook post
Thankyou for coming over here.
& today i have something really EXCITED to share with you all
which is my very satisfied purchase with Qoo10.sg

 i saw a lot of my friend been using this Nature Republic Soothing Gel
I even tried it in stores, and the effect was really amazing. 
It so much better than Laneige Sleeping Mask

I am actually a very kiasu person & I am always a wise consumer, 
I always search the products that i want to buy in Qoo10.sg
before i do any purchase in store.
So there it is !!

Always click the one with highest review !!
Even the title Description also so tempting.
And the price !!! did you see it ?! its only $5.50 for a jar ?!
And it is retailing at $12 which i saw it at Far East Plaza ?!

$5.50 ?! serious anot, fake one isit. How can it be possible ?!

Next thing you do, Check the reviews.


Sounds Promising from the reviews right ?
Why not try.
It was just 30 minutes before i publish this post up,
I received a parcel from Qoo10.sg and it is my yesterday purchase item
I was really quite shocked to receive the parcel today
Cause i had some bad experience before that i've waited my parcel for 2 weeks?!

And the products is wrap safely with bubble wrap and Hard cardbox

& the seller sent me some samples too.
Le is sample collector.

Products is also sealed.

92% of Aloe Vera @.@

 Look at those gels, so moisturizing right.

& i test it on my hands.

( compare this photo to the first one)
You can obviously tell a difference !!!
It brightens & moisturize my skin a alot !!!
& can you believe that this soothing gel can actually use it on hair
i did it 20 minutes ago and it really smooth-en my hair &
 it doesn't leave any sticky or greasy Texture ?!
8 ways to use this awesome soothing gel  

One thing i hate about this product,
i really hate product with a jar, i really find it messy and inconvenient to use it.
& some gel might be stuck in my nails ewww that's gross.

Well, i really do satisfied with this round of purchase with Qoo10.sg  
$5.50 is definitely a Steal !!!
So why not try it !!!

Here's the  > LINK < in case if you need  ;)

Disclaimer : I was not paid to write a good review for this product nor promoting this product.
I bought it with my own money & this post it just basically a sharing of quality good to all my lovely readers.

GoodNight sweeties...


  1. omg looks great!!! *w*

    do you help to take in orders and meetups? >.<

    1. sorry nope ;( Ive already put the link at the bottom of the post ;)

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  3. behind the jar is written "www.naturerepublic.com" or "www.naturerepublic.co.kr"?

  4. Ya. I want to know this as well. .com? or .co.kr?

  5. same here, some of the bloggers syays that .co.kr is fake