Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yikeshu Photoshoot

Finally i have time to do a post for the Photoshooting i did a month ago with Yikeshu
Main Point of doing this photoshooting is because My blog will be revamp by a designer 
These photos are to use for my blog header and all
so I came up with an idea to do a photoshoot with everything i writes on my blog

So, I categorize my self into 3 topics which i blogged the most.

Let me start off with the best photo of all the photos
Set this picture as my profile picture everywhere lol

*Disclaimer : My photographer only did some photoshop 
on the color of the photos for better quality pictures
i did not edit anything to adjust my features or even skin tone*

First Look : Kawaii Travel Theme
wanted to be super kawaii 
but it turn out to be abit cool & really out of my idea
more like sexy x kawaii (what my beanie makes me)
and i turned out sexy cause the photographer thinks im better this way *nuuuuuu

 leave some space at the side for my designer to put a kawaii luggage there

 And then i felt super awkward when he request me back to be kawaii
and want me to pose like this

Hi , i believe i can fly wtf

Outfit : Mirrocle 
Beanie : Taobao wtf
Shoe : RM10 superb quality boots from Taiwan

2nd Look : Everyone can be a Fashionista
which is my favorite theme of all

Typical troublesome shoe pose.
This is the reason why i love candid shot alot.
I was actually really trying hard to put on my 6 inches heels 
i took quite a long time to wear it cause it was quite troublesome to wear

This is so not me & it turns out really well on me and i am actually really quite surprise for the outcome

Spot my 6 inches high shoes 
current my favorite shoe after all

I have this experience that i was wearing this pair of heels in a Grocer
so theres a bunch of aunties pass by and they gossip to each other and say
"wah wear so high, how to walk oh"
I am walking madam. perhaps only the perfessionals can walk in these shoes
but it is super awkward when you need to walk down the stairs 
my friend laugh the shit out of me & even recorded a video. friends are annoying wtf

Bite lips shot failed. Totally not my thing.

Ahaaaaa trying to get the "S" shape
i actually really try hard to pose like this wan
you think easy ah. you try n see

I design-ed this set of nails and request my teacher to do it for me
I turns out beyond perfection.
How can you dont love it. even my photographer says it is too pretty
must take a photo of it. Praise me please. 

Top : Turtle Neck Top from Miira Mew
Necklace : Mirrocle
Bottom : High waist Jeans from EMODA which everyone ask
Shoe : Inspired Murua Shoes from Taobao wtf

Another candid shot when i change my make up

Last theme : The Make Up Guru
One of my dream is to be a Youtuber.
I actually did Alot of Make Up tutorials
But i am really very dissapointed with my camera quality so i refused to edit them.
I am so sorry for this. I am a person who need everything to be perfect.
Please be Patient, i will definitely do something with my camera
and then ill officially turn out to be Your Make Up Guru okay ?

Love this photo so much & the Chanel actually brought me to another level lol
so atas looking hor

Romper : from TopShop
Necklace : Mirrocle

That's all folks
Thankyou for your patient reading my super vain post & pictures
I really enjoy & satisfied with the outcome from this studio shoot
I hope you all enjoy looking at my picture as well la ;D
Can't wait to design my blog !! im too excited to do so haha.

Love You All 


  1. wahhh that face ardy win all liao hahaha!
    btw, the shoot on chair, ur left leg(on pc is right hand side that one) if the leg put on another leg(真的翘二郎腿的感觉但是角度调一下你知道啦) maybe will be better ehh summore can show off the shoes more !

    okay many craps, but really like ur style eh wtf so stunning!!

  2. excited for the blog revamp! when are you revealing it? (: