Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Have you heard of BlackBox ?
Here's a simple introduction about BlackBox.

Im really being well Pampered by BlackBox
It seems like My room is filled with these mysterious BlackBoxes 

As I opened every single boxes with suprise. and curiosity satisfied.

So... what is in the box ?

 This Jane Iredale Starter kit has to be my favorite box of all.
As it comes with a very cute pouch and miniature set of make up products
Perfect to bring out for touch up.

This Persian Rose Organic Rosewater Mist has become my favorite toner too.

 Tons of Mask and different sample product for you to try.

One Skin Care tips for you.
I do not waste every single sample pack 
Do you know that you're not suppose to use only ONE kind of product for each of your skin care routine.
Its just be like you're eating rice everyday day & night.
You'll definitely get bored with it.
its the same when comes to your face.
I use at least 3 different type/ brand of skin care products.
That is how i keep my skin moisturize and healthy.
Not sure if it works for you. 
But its really no harm to try new products. 
If your skin is very sensitive. try some of the product behind your ears before you use them
it works. ;)

Even a free $300 Scalp Treatment voucher.
it seems to be just a piece of paper but it worths $300

& more real exciting vouchers for you 

Guess what ?!

Subscribing to Black Box gives you access to ballot for your very own FREE sampling box. You will get updates on exclusive promotions, previews and deals on the latest lifestyle products and services, you can also purchase Exclusive Black Boxes that contain premium product samples. 
Black Box brings to you with each edition pleasant surprises coupled with loads of fun, rewards and a healthy dose of curiosity satisfied – without
costing a fraction of a penny.

Simply subscribe to Black Box and indulge in a uniquely rewarding experience. The satisfaction begins and continues with every box.

Visit BlackBox.SG now.

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