Friday, December 20, 2013

Pubika Date

A lot of my Singaporean friends asked me
Why i think KL is fun ? and for them, is very boring
Most of the Singaporean will only visit Petaling Street, Times Square and Only Bukit Bintang Area.
Because these are more centralized area.
But for youngsters in KL nowadays, we dont go to Petaling street, or even Times Square.
Why not just try to get out of the circle and try something new ?

Publika Kuala Lumpur 
Which is a famous place for dining and high tea.
Especially for youngster in KL nowadays. (Sort of Paragon- like Mall)
Because this mall is very atas but i find all the expenses in the cafe & restaurant is reasonable.

Main Entrance(taken from google)

Inside(taken from google)
Lots of special art piece located in the mall.
You can see special design benches. different artistic statue. and lots of diffent special things you can find it in Publika.
But i really think youngsters are not suitable to do shopping here. 
cause all the things are super overprice la. unless you're very rich then go ahead lol

 They even have outdoor shops (taken from google)
They have mamak, Paparich different kind of restaurant & even Shisha Store located at the Outdoor Area.

(From Google)
One of the cafe in Publika which really attracts me is definitely Coffee Stain By Joseph
they have the most creative coffee art & even in 3D imagine that

Here's the interior of the coffee shop.
I wanted to find a friend to try this out.
But seems like all my friends super bad ass. They prefer drinking beer instead of coffee
They said : Who the hell drinks coffee at night
Okay can ,but still i found a friend who's willing to try this out during evening time.

This is what i've ordered. "Cool Cube"
Iced Coffee in Cubes. comes with a bottle of silk milk & Caramel Syrup
The combination is definitely good. It actually taste like Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks
But i would prefer this instead of Starbucks.
You can actually mixed them into your desirable taste. 
& its cool to have such a interesting & fun drink.
Makes your mood even better. Dont you think so ?

This is what Dyan ordered. Hot chocolate with a 3D Bears on top of it.
Definitely a best cup of hot chocolate to start off your day.
This is how a simple hot chocolate impress you & kick start a good day.

Then we went S.Wine Cafe for dinner

(From Google)
Seriously lack of photos. Do pardon me for using Google's photos.

Well, definitely a good place for dining (non-halal)
because it served in different kind of dish.
Asian, Western, and more 

I prefer pork instead of chicken so this is definitely yummy for me
But is abit way too creamy for me ;X

well cooked pork cutlet. in a chinese way lol
with sunny side up egg, soya sauce and some clear pork soup.
The combination is good.

well, nothing fancy about this.
I do think Ramly Burger is better than this. 

What's after dinner ?
Desserts for Girls ofcourse !!

Salon Du Chocolate

(Googled again)

Brownies with Icecream

Chocolate crepe.

My advise : Do not eat this immediately after dinner.
its quite... you know. loads of chocolates.

What a fullfilled evening in Publika.

I did Blogged about another cafe, The bee in Publika Last year, here.
More to come.
Cause i still have a list of cafes to try located in Publika ;D

Explore Publika. you can find really interesting in the mall.
Have fun people !!!

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