Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY - The Paper Stone

Hey peeps, I'm back as promised.
miss me or not. haha

I just came back from a month break. Life was awesome. 
I'm now back to reality. BACK TO SCHOOL
Happy moments forever don't stay long huh (/__\)/
Will try to update my holiday post asap. promiseeee okay.

Got so many to post lehhh
Taiwan Trip
Desserts Adventures
Awesome foodz

Okay, too much rubbish. Now back to the topic.
Yesterday I was so craving for Malaysia food and then i jio my friend Kaili to accompany me to have dinner @Jurong Point, BoonLay.
We walk around after we had our awesome chau kuey teow etc etc
Then I saw this Crazy Pastel Colors Shop filled with pastel colors books, pens, stickers
as you all know, I'm a superb pastel color fans ah !
My phone case, pencil case, hairbands, etc etc all must be in pastel color
Favorite : Pastel Tiffany Blue match with Pastel Pink.

Smmore they have awesome stickers (T___T)
how can you don't love 
*sorry,I haz no picture of the shop(google also dont have leh ;| )

so paster hor
Okay lah , actually i bought the tiffany blue one yesterday.
when I reach home only I found out its a "JUST LINES" book
then today I went to change they say they got no more weekly planner stock for that color.
can see or not. so nice right but no stock ;( *SAD
nice things always have no stock one right ;(
how can world be so unfair.

Here's the pink book x Polka Dot Weekly Planner that i bought, cost me only for $11.90
I prefer weekly planner, coz I have one monthly planner already ;|
#forcetotakethepinkonebutstillloveit #girlsbeinggirls

and the stickers. cost me only 4 for $9.90
It's so cute I'm gonna die
as you can see, actually i bought the baby pink ones for the alphabets one to match tiffany blue book
but now i have to buy this dark brown color alphabets because it matches baby pink well.

if is the blue one matches pink sure very nice one right hor. :'(
#stilllovewhatibought #noregrets

Lets see how i play with the stickers.

Look so nice right !!
surprisingly, the stickers are damn sticky once you stick them you cannot take them out ;(
they will be ruined if you try to take them out !!
i tried. I TRIED !!! 
but its okay ah, it means that the sticker will stay and won't easily drop off lo.

See what I do with my Ring File. which only cost me $4.90

Apparently the file is not that big to fit the word "blogspot" so i'll just change it to "BS"
Matches with those very pretty very cute sakuras.



guess what, today i went to IMM Daiso and i bought these

Cleansing pad, it helps to remove blackheads.
I got alot of blackheads on my nose uh. Trying out everything to kick them forever out from my nose !
if you have any efficient ways to remove blackheads pls comment and let me know kay. loves

And Guess what I saw


Such a cute cup and it only cost $2
such a cute thing how can you resist and how can you dont buy you tell me T_T

 Happy Reading, loves.

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