Tuesday, May 28, 2013

20th Birthday Celebration.

Ohyeah ! finally i got time to post about my birthday
I know it has been delayed for almost a month. hah
at least i got post right ngehehehe

Okays here's the grandmother story 
I was being very very sad lah i thought i cannot celebrate my birthday this year
since my birthday falls on 5th of May #dirtyelectionday 
I could'nt go back to KL to celebrate uh
Thought celebrate in SG enough ah
without my bf then ;( *thats the reason why im sad

Few days before my actual birthdate which is 1st of May
It is a public holiday uh. Obviously its Labour Day
My bestie jio me to go JB to spend Labour Day instead of staying in this boring Island (SG)
and Jiajia said her friends from KL coming down also
so it will be very happening lar
since i got nothing to do also then i decided to join them *happening*

Earlier on I am having this Retro Theme Day in school
means that everyone is dressing up in Retro theme to school

so here's my close up photo ahaa
not going to post about my OOTD this time since it doesnt look nice & interesting lol
so just look at my pretty face can ;D

There's alot retro games and things in the atrium ah
not going to post much about that

but this !

Decorate your own cupcakes ! im so interested to this ah !
you can just donate any amount and you'll get a cupcake
and DECORATE it !

and here's the outcome ;)
my masterpiece ngehehe 

After school then i head to JB with my friends
and when we reached our hotel
Jiajia said her friend is here, asked us to wait in the room.
Meanwhile i was argueing in my bf and he said he wanted to go club
and alot of stupid things that made me mad
and i mood just gone off. everything just f*cked up.
and guess what

the next minute

a fat gay tall giant came into the room with this bouquet of pink flowers 

biggest suprise ever 
what can i ask for more ?
i cant even close my mouth
continous smiling all night long

After that , we went out for dinner around Sutera Mall area
did not take any pictures of food ah
cause we just randomly picked one restaurant and settle down 
we had been starve for hours ah

after done eating
Received another suprise from my dearest

he actually handmade this cake for me 
filled with My Favourite chocolate Ferrero Rochea on top !
he actually recorded a video of him making this cake
Will post the video back up
since now i dont have the video 
argh next time ill post it back up
awwwww what more i can ask for ?

Thanks for everything baby, loves.

very very hapy face

May my birthday wishes comes true !

Thanks my besties for the suprise ;) love all of you so much 

uhm , suprise again ?
No lah , hah its just coincident
pretty fireworks in the dark sky on a great night 
what a good day lol

love the roses so sooo much cause they are PINK in color

#2 Birthday celebration with the ditchers

They planned to have a celebration with me but failed 
due to some stupid reason no going to mention it anw
They celebrate my birthday through SKYPE

A simple skype call that really made my day 
awwww its so nice to have friends like this

#3 Celebration with my KL bestie

it's my 3rd time celebrate my birthday with my bro

Love the way he is ! funny max so this is our Gwiyomi

and my favourite girls
feel so good to be with them

#4 Celebration with my KL gang in SG

went to @1altitude on my actual birth date lol

which you can get SG best best best night view

my best shots

Thanks for making my day perfect, love you guys the most

#5 Suprise belated birthday celebration with P05

with pizza !
love the suprise , love you all !

Thanks for everyone who loves me
and made my 20th Birthday definately a memorable one
I feel blessed and Its my pleasure to have you awesome people in my life

Lots of loves.

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  1. Awwwww!! U 2 are too sweet. **There is ants coming** U have a sweet boyfie congratzz :))