Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Lost World of Tambun

Oh hai people, looks what on my hand , facing the mirror.
Yes its Casio TR150, every girls dreams to get this camera
All the photos in this blog post is taken by this awesome camera Casio TR150
You can revised the pictures in this blog post if it gaves you the effect you want
anyway this camera never dissapoint me.
Continue read and look at the photos kay.

Hey yo bitches, sorry for the swagness lol
Went to Ipoh last Friday for a short trip/vacation
cause I'm abit stress and it's time to relax
ahhh how can this be lol my assignment due date is on Monday
and I'm on vacation ?! lol hey yo, chill
It's Wesak Day... DUH -.- no link

Camho non stop after i get the camera. yayyy !!!
actually my boyfie's face is full of pimple mark 
but after the make up effect of the camera 
eheemmm mine is original smooth one, no doubt kay
but still make my skin looks brighter ;D lovessss

the giant will drive first, 
and i'll keep calm and camho lol
Okay, look at this photo
trust me, your Iphone4, 4s, 5 will never do this
Wide angle lens 
literally took the whole interior of the car
awesome right ?!

ulzzang Make up for the day ;P
will post another blogpost about Ulzzang make up ;D

yayyyy ! Happy trip 

enough of my vain pictures, its my turn to drive
since the giant is tired. tsk

my very stress look lol
and when it's my turn to drive

look what happens

even boyfie also can't resist the power of TR150 lolll
i have no idea why he can be forever this unglam aiyooo

he wants to show the world that he dont have much armpit hair =.= WTS 

The Lost World of Tambun
it is actually the sister theme park of Sunway Lagoon

Ignore the ugly slipper I wearing
After i done changing...
wanted to apply sunblock...

and there's NO MORE LEFT !
so i was forced to exposed to the crazy hot sun for one whole day
so I'm now tanned a little tsk

so now... let's get wet bitches !

floating floating ~ im very good at floating lol

see the quality of the photo ! Casio TR150 never dissapoint me im sure you too !

Benifits to have a bf when youre in a water park

i used to be very lazy to take this stupid tube walking up the sloop and stairs 
ITS HEAVY ... for me lol
and now i dont need to worry about it ahaaaa

poor boyfie lol

then went to watch Animal show !

watch how smart the animals is !

and the animal show is awesomeeeee !!! can tell from the background voice of us right
keep wowowowowow haha

and then, some leisure activity.
i find it quite boring cause it's not my first time

without make up effect from the camera ;P
and i'm so lazy to row lol
its a waste of energy 
it would be interesting if the water is clear and there are fishes swimming around ~

Tourist photo lol the signature weird rock in Tambun

and then we went back to hotel and I'm dead
seriously exhausted ...

I find it not worth to come to this water park because it doesn't worth the price (RM49 i think)
the rides are boring, not exciting at all
but it's definately kids paradise !
Best place for family day since it's also not pack at all
even I went on a public holiday

Thats it for this post. Enjoy reading.
Loves, xoxo.

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