Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Laneige - My Favourite Skin Care Product

Oh my readers, this is my first time writting a blog post about my daily skin care routine
with all my favourite skin products from Laneige
Laneige means "snowing" in French lol
then now i know Xiaxue's name in French, it's Laneige lol !

so here's my naked face

if anyone of you which is my instagram followers remember i posted this photo
Wanted to post about my favourite skin products until now
only I have time to post this blogpost up
which means for so long already I'm still using the products
means i really really love the products right
they really never disspoint me 

First, these are the skin care products i get from Laneige

1) WaterSleepingPack_EX (Best seller)
comes together with the travel pack 
I really love the travel pack cause i travel alot it's really convinient to bring here and there

2) Water Bank Gel Cream

I'm going to introduce you this WaterSleepingPack_EX (Best seller) first
 its's so magical you wouldn't know until you try it 

sorry to show you that unglam face 
but it really smell so nais until i feel like i just want to eat it lol

Apply it on your face and go to sleep
the next day you'll feel that your skin is smoother than the day before x10
Really love this product and it deserve to be the best seller !
Dont believe ? go to any Laneige store and get samples and try it !

Now here comes the Water Bank Gel Cream

from the outlook of the product you can tell that it's going to give you tons of H2O to your skin !
and it really does !

Let's apply and see how it goes 

It is a gel type moisturiser that soothes your skin with cool and invigorating texture !
and i can feel is the moisture that brings in to your skin is really amazing
it is not oily at all and it wont leave any sticky texture 
and you can feel that your skin is now perfectly moisturise

Moving on...

After i apply Water Bank Gel Cream
I'll proceed to apply the new product Snow BB Soothing Cushion

Laneige products has never dissapoint me

Apply it to the skin.
I did not took any interior of the product coz mine was smudge badly 
and it's not new at all already
so i google it and show you here

this is how it looks like when it's new 

after you dip the puff in the soothing cushion with foundation
this puff is really amazing, is really soft and it help to balance the foundation on your face
its the best foundation i had ever used


apply it after you use Snow BB Soothing Cushion
it stably attaches to your skin and forms an even layer to cover up the blemishes and appear as if your make up is done by proffesional !

and now ! put on your eyeshadow, eyeliner, falsies,blusher and glossy lips
and now you're done and you can be ready for a lovely date 

Hope to try these products from Laneige and share with all of you in the future !
1) Blackhead Melting Gel
Heard from my friends saying that this is very effective and i really hope to try this
cause I am having very serious blackheads problems and 
until now i cant even find a suitable blackheads product for myself !
Hope to try this in future and i realy hope it works on me !!

2) Laineige New Arrivals Suncare product 
since i just got tanned when i went to the lost world last Friday lol

and this !
3) Water Bank Essence
nuyou's readers' choice ! and its also the Best Seller
it must be very nice if not it wouldnt be best seller right !

Thanks for your patience for reading such a long post and also looking lots of my vain pictures
how can you dont love Laneige products ?
Try it ! i assure that you'll love it like i do.


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  7. Oh my readers, this is my first time writting a blog post about my daily skin care routine
    with all my favourite skin products from Laneige
    Laneige means "snowing" in French lol
    then now i know Xiaxue's name in French, it's Laneige lol !

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