Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 2 Taichung, Taiwan

Greetings from a pinklish hello kitty room
I've o idea why i look so ugly in this picture nevermindddd *stillme
It's the second day of my trip to Taiwan 

Took a group photo before we leave 宜兰

Yilan's Railway Station

oh hi lol
Took a train back to Taipei and then go towards Taichung

I was so sleepy cause we woke up quite early in the morning

Omg they are so so bad. took a picture while me and JC is sleeping in the train and we have the same pose !

Oh yeah ! there's a woman pushing a trolley with tons of food
just like the airstewardess pushes the food trolley around
and i get this ! 台湾排骨便当

This is it ! I dont know whether isit I'm too hungry or the food is really nice lol
I just loveeee it ! nomsnomsnoms

and here we are ! Taichung !

and stay in a hello kitty room. Jiajia's idea lol
no photos of the interior of the room
cause i find it quite normal
its just pink and full of hello kitty stickers thats it

see my pretty face better lol

Let's explore Taichung !

1st stop : 彩虹乡村 Colorful Village 

Thats the old uncle who painted the village with colors

There's no shuttle bus or something else to get here
We rent a cab for one whole day to get here.
I forget how much it cost already.

2nd stop : 机械人餐厅 Robot Cafe
Location : 台中市向上北路106号

it's about 5 and the sky is getting dark

It's a concept cafe and the designs are unique

the food is not good and the drink is not good either.

They just look cute thats it
Price is unreasonable for such disguting drinks. urgh

hi , im short
Cats in the restaurant @@ Fat and fluffy

jiajia was so obsessed with it

but he always ignore people. tsk
not friendly at all 

Ready to jump ?

Cute dogs everywhere in Taiwan !!

Next : 逢甲夜市
Had dinner in night market again,
erm, is more like having dinner in night market everyday

I really love night markets.

Tons of Fake Lashes i bought in Taiwan
Omg they are superb & soooo cheap !!

and yes !!! 北回木瓜牛奶 Papaya Milk

Thats's kaili lol and
It's a MUST to drink this if you ever got chance to visit Taiwan
The outlets are everywhere in Taiwan
OMG i miss that so much now
i literally drink it almost everyday when i'm in Taiwan
its a MUST

so much lovessss.

So here's the second day of Taichung.

Oh ya ! We Jstar Girls gonna be featured in #Qweekly
Stay tuned for more updates.


  1. I really like your shoes! where did you get it from? =D

  2. hello girl, do u still have yr taiwan trip schedule?.. >< do u mind to share with me?. cause im going to taiwan ... mail me can ?.

  3. Hi there, can I get a copy of your itinerary as well pls?

    thanks alot!

  4. Hi iiwen , would u email me a copy of yr itinerary? U

  5. Hey iiwen,

    Great post and pic on Taichung! Do check out our post on things to do in Taichung as well!

    Happy Travels Everyone!


  6. Hi there, can I get a copy of your itinerary as well please?

    thanks a lot!