Friday, June 14, 2013

Jstar Contest Video & Filming with Natsukotogo

Here's a little update about Jstar 
If you still wonder how JStar contest goes , watch it ^_^

The videographer is so so so professional !!
kinda suprise with the outcome

And also Tokyo Fashion Night special report by JDiaryChannel

spot me in the videos !! haha

Filming Day with Natsuko Togo
From SCawaii  Magazine !! if anyone of you reads lots of Japanese Magazine
You guys should know her.

Lots of New Arrivals in JRunway now
gilfeed, philter, Riche Je U

Filming Time ! it will be feature in Japanese TV

This is how i look on that day ;D
The studded rubberband is actually a bracelet



and Natsukotogo

She's so nice

Natsuko trying to help me pick accesories that suits me.

Yeap ! This is the hairband she picked for me !

and this ! Leather twisted hairband !
Love it so so much !! Can be match easily with any outfit !

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