Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nuffnang X Laneige Make Up Work Shop

Last Saturday, I was being invited by Nuffnang & Laneige to the Laneige Make Up Work Shop
I felt so lucky to be invited Because I'm the 10 out of approx 100
And it's my Favourite Brand - Laneige 
Which made up this workshop !

Uhm, so I named all of us the Top 10 lolllll
so lucky to be the Top 10 T___T
Toto can also be this lucky or not huh ;(
From the 10 of us there will be a grand winner
Which will be Laneige Brand Ambassador and bring RM4000 home !
Help me to win this contest by >> VOTE ME HERE : iiwen Tan <<

The purpose of having this Make Up Workshop is the benifit for us, the TOP10 to learn about how to take care of our skin and how to achieve Flawless skin which everyone wanted to have it ! And For us to share with all of you *reading this post the tips of taking care of your own skin and how to achieve flawless skin & make up that suits yourself ! Why flawless skin ? If not you want face with lots of pimples? haha No right. So, pamper your skin well. Always give your skin the best and the most suitable ones. When talk about Flawless skin, Flawless skin is not depends on how thick the foudation you have on your face but how you take good care of your own face and how you present it with the make up
Nowadays, everyone is crazy for korean make up. why ? Because it is easy, everyone can learn and korean make up help you to look more young and energetic. And it's a very natural make up. Instead of thick thick eyeliner thick thick black ,eyeshadow to look like ghost right.

Continue to read to know how to achieve Flawless & Glowing skin and How to do a Korean Day&Night Make Up

I love the board with lots of Laneige Words behind. Can i carry it back home ?lol

wahhhh tons of Laneige Products !! i wanna bring them home !!!

Say hello to the other bloggers. * everyone is without make up lol

My seat 

Simply Love this Laneige Brush Set *MEWANTTTT

before the workshop starts !!!
OMG ! this is my first time ever remove my make up in front of so many people
Lack of confidence ;(
Few like punching my self and buried my head on the floor lol
And now I'm going to show you the picture of me without make up in the workshop

OHNO !! my make up is all gone !!

So, this is me, without any make up on my face.

Okay enough of my face lol
proceed to the Workshop.

Let us welcome the Make Up Guru !

The Celebrity Makeup Artist - Geraldine Loy
She tought us ALOT ! and so in detail.
Now i know, 
things that i did  to my face everyday is wrong -__-

How to hold a cotton pad,
Direction to apply products on your face.
Some parts of the face cannot be apply according to some products
How to draw a Trendy Korean Eyebrows
How to change the Day look to Night look within 3 simple steps
This is what i learned from her !

Do my eyebrows look good ?
Korean brows can make you look more young and energetic !

Me with the Korean Day look make up on !
Jessica Chaw ! I dont think she need make up on 
Cause her skin is so fair !! MEWANTS her skin ;(

Make Up done with Awesome product from Laneige !!

I've been using this product since it launch
Best product I've ever use fom Laneige !

Touch up to achieve Night Look !

Well, I do really pay full attention during the workshop
I don't wanna miss any tips to be pretty !
So continue reading to get more tips to be pretty !

So... this is the Before and After omgomgomg
Look how much difference it is 

So, this is us, with the Korean DayLook Make Up

So, this is ME

Love this picture so so much !


and ME !
Confidence gained & accidently flooded my camera with my vain pictures lolll

candid ? lol

The annoying jessica keep on taking picture of me lol
nevermind since I'm confident enough now
I won't be afraid of people being paparazzi anymore 
Because I have Flawless Skin & Korean make up which made me look even prettier !

How do I achieve this Flawless skin ?
How do I do this Make up ?
What product I use ?
Let me show you in this Video.

anw, this is my first attempt to  do a Make Up tutorial
Do bare with me if there's any mistake.

So... what do you think after you watched my video ?
Did you learn something from me ?
Do give feedback to me by comment in this post ;)

Before Make up
DayLook Make Up
NightLook Make Up

Bonding session with the Pretty Bloggers after the event

BoboStephanie !

Pretty Vivien ^^

And the Make up model of the day !

Had a nice chat with her Jessica Chaw even though is our first meet lol

Once again, Thanks Nuffnang & Laneige for the invitation and opportunity for me to attend this Workshop.
Which really improve my knowledge about Skin Care & Make up !

And ofcourse the awesome products from Laneige in the Goodie bag
which can help me to achieve flawless & glowing skin.

Million Thanks to Nuffnang & Laneige !!

Thanks for teaching me how to be 10 times prettier !



  1. Awwww! You are still nice looking without make up.
    Btw,very nice make up tutorial. I leant in here!!^^
    Post more youtube about u ya : ))

  2. You're super chio babe!