Monday, July 8, 2013

We moved in.

I shifted house, hmmm more like a "room". Cause houses in SG to rent is definitely a price that I couldn't afford. Google it if you're interested to know lol

 I decided to shift my house due to loads of reason. And boyf decided to move in together also. Boyf came to SG to further his study also. We were in Long Distance Relationship (LDR) for approx 9 months. LDR just suck ttm, but I'm glad that we afford to get it through together and now we're staying in the same house.I dint expect this to come, previously he's still thinking of whether he should further his study at Aussie or not. But guess where he is now. Anyway the main reason he came is not because of me. Is the academic wise. 

Anyway, I don't know  whether isit a good thing or not for us to stay together, people would say we would get really bored with each other after some time but I still hope everything goes well between us. 

Been very serious busy packing up things like mad.
Left to the right to the up to the down. 
Everything is still in a mess now.
Boyf is sick and so do I.
We don't have a car in SG, we shifted everything by WALKING under the hot sun. Imagine that. 
And we're SICK !
God, why u made my life so hard.

Look at this mess. And his idiot expression.
He looks like he dig hard his nose and finally get the shit out of his nose. LOLLLL

And look at this mess.
I'm just so lazy to tidy it up. SO-TIRED
gotta stop craping here and continue to clean and tidy up my room.
Please come back soon, there's loads of blogpost is not up yet. Will get them out after we settle down our new stay.

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