Monday, December 1, 2014

Tokyo Day 2 - Autumn Leaves Viewing Tour

"Fall has always been my favorite season.
 The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, 
as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale"
― Lauren DeStefanoWither

Our Travel Dates perfectly fall on Autumn, 
when Leaves turns Red
Ready to fall & welcomes the arrival of winter.
We didn't plan for this, when we book our flight ticket, 
we only choose the dates when the flight tickets is the cheapest
How lucky we are

Day 2 
We decided to follow a local tour (from
 to Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi & Healing Village
You may want to see a short vlog randomly recorded by me lololol wtf
and i actually appears in this video for a few seconds only ahaha

I know its quite boring lollll but i think pictures below are more interesting than the video haha

It was a great day with great weather !

oops sorry xavier ;P
on our way to the meet up point

Busy Morning in Shinjuku

Look at the gradient blue sky

I swear this is a candid ;P

No this is not a candid
The trend now is to fake a candid lol

Thats the themepark we saw while we're otw to our first destination
Looks damn fun right !!! 
and if you notice Mt fuji is just behind there, but covered with clouds ;(

So here we are at Lake Kawaguchi

 Took this Kachi -Kachi Ropeway up to a observation deck for Impressive view of Mount Fuji (supposedly but it was covered with clouds) so we could only see the skirt of the mountain
 & the view of Lake Kawaguchi Dyed in brilliant autumn leaves colors 
while waiting for our turn to get into the cable car

That girl behind us looks kinda awkward lol

Do you know that most of the places in Japan (especially tourist area)
They have this special chop around so you can chop it in your notebook as a memory

The mount fuji strawberry cheesecake kitkat ;D

One of the must try local delicacies
Taste good but the portion is too big ;(
we cant finish it

Oh Maples, How can you not love autumn ?
Oh dear, here's the end of my first destination of the tour?
Well, I guess this post is gonna be quite lengthy 

Second destination : Healing Village ( Saiko Iyashino-Sato NenB)

This area features 20 restored thatched roof buildings which once stood on the shore of Lake Saiko.
The highlights is the beautiful contrast of the thatched roof buildings and Mount Fuji.
The buildings each have traditional crafts activities as well as historical iteams on display and famous local products for sale.

They even have decoration for Halloween ;D so cute

Not sure if they r real pumpkins or fake tho ;P

I think we stayed here for almost half and hour just for pictures ? LOL

I am so impressed with these Gold leaves

Thats mount fuji can you see

 these (profile-picture worthy) photos
Thanks to Xavier

Pictures taken with (iphone5)
When all the camera runs out of battery ;\

Our Last destination with this tour
Lake Kawaguchi Maple Corridor
Basically just autumn leaves again

Collected some of the maples for souvenirs
But i didnt bring any books along so i just anyhow tthrow it into a plastic bag
And well most of the leaves curled up when it dries ;( it became so crumpled 
Aih ;(

So blessed to have a chance seeing the beauty of nature
My first experience of Autumn & touching a maple
How wonderful

Japan, Thanks for making my 2014 a memorable one.
Cant wait to visit you next time ;3 during winter i guess?

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  1. Hello!! may i know which camera was used for the photos? they are beautiful! :)