Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Say hello to SUPER 10, with all the boxes priced at $10!

We just received some inside news to what Black Box is up to recently. Apparently, they 

really have something up their sleeves. Some of you might have already noticed the little 

changes done to the bi-monthly boxes, so let’s wait and see. I smell something here and I 

can’t wait to find out what it is!

To something that’s more exciting for all of us today – Say hello to SUPER 10! 

The Black Box team just put together 3 LIMITED EDITION boxes for the month of October, 

and what’s unique about these boxes are that they have a different superhero character that 

represents the personality of each box (I, for one could relate to one of the boxes). So which 

tickles your fancy?
Because it’s SUPER 10, and like the name suggests, these boxes are priced at $10 each. Can’t decide on which to buy? Why not get all 3, at a special price of $25! And if you are the first lucky 120 customers to buy them, you’ll get a surprise bonus pack*. Fastest finger first! 

*Only available on Qoo10. While stocks last!

Qoo10: http://www.qoo10.sg/shop/BlackBoxSG
E-Store: http://www.blackbox.sg/index.php?main_page=products_all

Let’s take a look at my SUPER 10 box, I got Iron Amber!

Iron Amber: "You are driven enough to have it all. Don't be the one to fade into the background, because you're the force of personality, a bright light bursting with charisma and comebacks."

Iron Amber label somehow make the packaging looks more interesting and I just can't wait to see what's inside the box

Of all the 3 boxes, Iron Amber blackbox contain the most number of product, and they are all in travel sizes.
Travel sized products can be very handy 
& just in time for me to bring them along during my trip to Japan 2 weeks later. wuhhuuu

Klarity- Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion 5ml 
I've been using this product for the past few days, and i love how this product gives that instant gow to make my skin looks more healthy & dewy.

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion 20ml
I've been using this product since I was in secondary school. till now, I have yet change this facial product. It intensively hydrates my skin and helps to lock in moisture to preserve the optimum moisture balance. Most importantly, It is free of fragrance, mineral , alcohol & colorant. It is a very neutral product.

Hada Labo SHA Cleansing Oil 20ml
This is a water soluble cleansing oil, It helps removing make up more easily & it can be easily washed away without leaving any greasy residue, stickyness or dryness. Hada Labo Products is always free of fragrance, mineral , alcohol & colorant. It is very Gentle and does not irritates my skin

Himalaya Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash 50ml
Washing your face is the most important step, only clean faces can give you clear, radiant and even complexion.

Keratin Smooth Perfecting Shampoo 70ml
72 hours frizz free hair shampoo, 
well it works very well for me, compare to the shampoo I am using currently.
My hair is not as frizzy as before after i tried this product for a few day.

Extraordinary Oil 5ml x 2 sachets.
I tried this product when i attend Black Box Event, went to bought one bottle from watson the next day. I really love the fragrance of the product and how it makes my hair looks more healthy and smooth.

I have yet try the 2 men product that comes along in this box, but definitely bringing this along to Japan trip for my friend he will definitely need some proper skin care product ;3

$10 for all these products, it worth more than anything else.
If you think 1 box is not enough, get 3 for $25. Its a steal !

Website: www.BlackBox.sg
Facebook: BlackBoxSG
Instagram: BlackBoxSG
YouTube: www.youtube.com/BlackBoxSGchannel 

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