Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My 21st Birthday Celebration

The Day I turned 21

it took me almost a month to prepare this celebration for myself.
And i actually set myself a theme for my birthday party, which is "Tiffany"
I was so selfish that i command everyone i invite to wear white, 
So, i will look very outstanding in my dress on that night heh heh *evilgrins

People been asking me where to get all the party-must-have-things ?
I'll answer you all the question in this post.

Location ?
Scott Garden Soho
This apartment is around 800 sqfeet, and there is only one room 
which is located upstairs and it is around 500 sqfeet
Perfect for party for 30pax, seriously not more than that

KL101 ID & Property Management Sdn Bhd 
#23A08, Level 23A, Block C, The Scott Garden , 58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel (o) :+60328575583 Tel : 0126072209
Facebook : KL Condo Short-staykl101.shortstay@gmail.com

Ofcourse not forgetting
Blue & White-Silver Balloons for Deco !
Where to get them ? http://partynballoons.com  +60122029277

Oh happy balloons
Number balloons are RM 55 each
and coloured balloons are RM4.5 each? ( notsure)

And i make sure i have enough instax film to capture all the memories

I get all the instax film from https://www.facebook.com/fotopelangiraub
A very trust worthy shop where you can get all essential stuff for your camera from them

RM220 for 5 twin pack plain film ( 100 pieces )

Talking abut FOOD
And yeah I also did prepare buffet for my birthday,
but well, i was too busy with my thing I dint even manage to get a picture of them. damn
the food was really really good.
all i can give you is the contact number. You guys just have to figure it out yourself.
Btw here's my menu on that day.
1) Buttered Rice
2) Singapore Fried Mee Hoon
3) Roasted Chicken
4)Sweet & Sour Dory Fish
5) Mix Vegetables
6) Cut Fruits

Contact them ;) +60122992955

And a Tiffany Cake 

Sadly this is a present from my best friend ( Vicky Bobo )so yeah NOT FOR SALE !
but i don't mind you guys getting the idea of my cake

And Macaroon Tower

Alot of people been asking me where to get this Macaroon tower.
I actually design it myself and what i do is just 
Tell them how i want my macaroon tower to be
Even me myself is so impressed with the outcome
There is 80 pieces of macaroons on the tower
40 pieces of tiffany color macaroons with chocolate fillings
40 pieces of white color macaroons with caramel filings
and this tower only cost me RM210 which i find it very reasonable

Well, for macaroons, what I am expecting from them is just the outlook.
But the taste really surprise me. The macaroons are really finger licking gooooood.

well, I believe, to anyone else out there. 21st really mean something big to them, just like me, I've been really excited for the day i turn 21st since i was very young, the feeling of becoming a adult. You can decide everything on your own, decide everything for your future.

But today, i felt differently, I miss my childhood, i miss my parents deciding everything for me.
 I miss those days going to school with the same uniform so i dont need to get up early just to choose my ootd.
I miss having my parents sending me to school every early morning. I miss those days when my dad letting me to drive his car to school without license ( ofcourse he guide me all the way) 
I  miss those days having tuition everyday (7 days a week i mean) with my tuition mate and highschool friends. 
I miss those motivation i have for studies.
I miss everything in my childhood where I am still dreaming of the day i turn 21. 
I dream to have freedom (my parents were so strict to me until i was form5)
I dream to have life like i have now
Well, now I am. I realize, time has passes so fast. 
Friends who i appreciate the most has left, those who appreciate me stays. 
I dont need anyone to fetch me when now I can drive anywhere everywhere with a license and without curfew. 
and I realize i have no "age" to look forward to except for my future career and my very own family.
Well, life. Time don't wait for you, so appreciate whatever you have now.

A very touching moment for me and my parents, I feel grateful to receive sucha expensive necklace from my family. Even thou i really never expect something like this. and my mom actually said something before she put on the necklace for me infront of all my friends.
That moment, i really felt so touched and I really know how much my family loves me and how much they expect from me.
I dont come from a rich family, but i know i have a family who will try their best and give all the best to me. and I know they will always be on my back and always will be there for me no matter what happens.

Lastly, Make sure you have awesome friends to attend your Birthday Celebration

Make it a day to remember ;) You wont be 21 again next year.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie !
    Alan here, one of the FB fellow follower ;)

    Thanks for your sharing &
    Keep it up !
    Nice to reading your Blog :)

  2. I really while reading this blog. I think this is memorable moment of our life. Thanks for sharing with us.

    bachelor night Singapore

  3. Hi iiwentan... do you have contact for helium balloons?

  4. Hi iiwentan... do you have contact for helium balloons?

  5. Such a lovely birthday party! Birthday girl is looking so beautiful. I loved the cake, it’s looking tempting too. Have never arranged my sister’s birthday party but this year planning to arrange one at one of Seattle venues. Will find out best arranging ideas.