Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My kind of summer

Just came back from a vacation at Pulau redang. it's my 4th visit to redang and I really don't mind visit for another thousand times. I enjoyed the sea breeze and scenery, simply perfect. I can never have too much beach.

Look at those crystal clear sea water. Simply explained how much I love this island.

I love lying down in a hammock under the tree during the afternoon when the sun is so so glaring and you couldn't have any outdoor activities. Best place to have power nap ;P I even can see squirrels playing around on the tree above me. The beauty of nature, OH MY...

It's my first time trying beer in the afternoon. 
So chilling. and suprisingly drinking beer in the afternoon taste better at night wtf. 

View like this. how can you don't love this. 
too much happiness to express, I'm blessed with what I have ;)

It's my second trip went to Redang together with all these awesome people. we actually know each other from this island as from my second visit to Redang, I only know 2 friends from the whole gang of people. Suprisingly we get along very well and I'm glad that I get to visit Redang with the same people ;)

with girlfriends along somehow makes my trip even more complete.
Ofcourse not forgetting how it feels to be drunk from morning until night. I even went snorkeling when I had hangover. exploring the mother of nature cures my hangover hahaha. 

Palm trees, Ocean Breeze, salty air, sun kissed hair, That endless summer.

well, that's all for now. Before I end this post. I have something special for my fellow readers ;) 

With an average high of 31 degrees, who can really stand the test of heat? Hitting the beach sounds like an awesome plan right? And it's the right time to pull out all your bikinis from your wardrobe and put them to great use.

BUT if you are concerned about dressing less and showing more, you don't have to worry no more. Relax~ I'm not going to give you an hour lecture on self-confidence.

Work the smart way. Not the hard way.

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