Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Datsumo Labo Bugis Branch

I guess most of you girls heard of Datsumo Labo ?

Datsumo Labo 5th outlet is now open at the brand new Bugis Cube mall!
Bugis Cube is just opposite Bugis Junction and Intercontinental Hotel, 3 minutes’ walk away from Bugis station
Ask any Singapore youths and many will agree that Bugis is one of the best places to meet and hang out. Bugis is the place for affordable shopping sprees , many delectable food shops to suit your palette, is near to the biggest library in Singapore, and offers new, exciting adventures every time you visit. & Now After treatment you can have excuse for yourself to go shopping =x
Datsumo Labo is a hair removal shop that even youths can afford, we are genuinely happy to be expanding into Bugis and reach out to all ladies in Singapore! 
Datsumo Labo Bugis Branch will be waiting for your patronage!

Have you girls read my blogpost about my consultation session with Datsumo Labo
if you're not , read it here.

if you're doing treatment at other branch you can transfer to Bugis Branch for your convenience.
If you haven't get any treatment plan from Datsumo Labo 
you can call 

and dont forget to quote my name "bloggeriiwen" for total discount of 15% off your bill

my first picture with Xiaxue (x.x)
Drop by to take a picture with this pretty poster of Xiaxue @ Datsumo labo, Bugis Cube

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