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14 Food Places You Must Try in Singapore

Time flies, I cant believe I've been staying in Singapore for 3 years...
I do think that I know Singapore quite well by now
Been doing a lot cafe hopping, food discovery & also visit nice places in Singapore
I received a lot questions from my reader & friends about
What to eat ?
Where to go ?
Where are the must visit places?

So, I summarize all the nice food I've tried at various popular places in Singapore 
Not nice local food but nice food okay haha

The 14 Food Places You Must Try in Singapore

Lets Start from a good breakfast
What's Great for Breakfast in Singapore?

#1 Tiong Bahru Bakery
They have various kind of savory & sweet pastries 

Kouign Amann is my favorite pastry from Tiong Bahru Bakery
it is very crunchy & sweet outside & soft inside
They are very famous for their Croissant
Their signature croissant is very light, flaky & buttery
They will heat up the pastries for you if you dine in

#2 Tim Ho Wan 

Try their signature Char Siew Pau
Best for Brunch

Want to add some fun to your breakfast ?
#3 Slappy Pancakes

 Draw your own pancake and eat them ;)
It is fun & Tastyyyyy
It would be great if you have a few brunch buddies along

Whats Great for Lunch ?

#4 Koh Grill &Sushi Bar
 @ Wisma Artria, Orchard Road
 First Generation SHIOK Maki 
this has to be my favorite sushi in singapore
look at those glorious amount of Ebikossss

I've been posted picture of this legendary Shiok Maki on my Instagram quite often if you notice.

#5 Hoshino Coffee
 @ Plaza Singapura, Dhoby Ghaut
What about Soft & Fluffy Fuwa Fuwa for lunch ? ;)
Green Tea Souffle & Fuwa Fuwa is a must-try when you visit Hoshino !

A short video taken back then when i had dinner w my girlfriends at Hoshino

#6 Nam Nam Noodle Bar
Beef pho is my favoriteeeee
The Soup is very very very good
and they even have wagyu beef slice in it, one slice only la
Try to avoid peak hours, yummy foods in Singapore really need to queue damn long one

Time for an afternoon tea time ?

#7 Roti/Biscuit Ice Cream 
The mandatory Singapore street food 

Ripple flavor is always my favorite
I prefer to eat with bread, because i think the combination is better
& its more clean when you eat
When the Ice Cream melts the bread will help to absorb
but when you eat it with the biscuit, the biscuit cant really hold on to the icecream
and when it melts, it will be very very very messy trust me haha
i hope it makes sense to you haha

#8 KOI 
very famous bubble tea shop in Singapore
Look at this Koi logo, what if i tell you
it is actually no KOI but 豆 ;)
ps:/ picture steal from google
My favorite flavor is Ice Cream Cafe Latte
I swear it is damnnnn good

#9 LaoBan
Best Beancurd in the world #imeanit

Time for dinner

#10 Saveur
Saveur is a French Restaurant in Singapore

Look at the food you may think this meal may cost you a bomb
Trust me, it is the most affordable & worthy french meal you can ever get in Singapore town
 Saveur Pasta  $5.90
Duck Confit $10.90
But the queue can be very very bad when it comes to lunch and dinner time
I waited for 1 and a half hour before wtf
But you can always go to the restaurant to get a number to make reservation
They will call you up when your table is ready within 15 minutes

#11 Aston

2 big well grilled piece of pork with mac &cheese and coleslaw as the side dish

#12 Ma Maison
Ma Maison has to be my favorite Japanese-Western Restaurant
I cannot, what i can say is
All the food in the menu is gooooddddd
Look through all my album then only i realize i lost all the pictures i took ;(
all i left is just videos of all these yummy foodssss
So i steal some from google ;(

Onion Gratin Soup is a mustttttt

Escargot for Appetizer
Beef Omu rice for main course 

Leaving Singapore ?
Waiting for departure at Changi Airport?
You guys should really try this 

#13 PapaMia
Gula Melaka Coconut Icecream with Peanut Nips
it is the best icecream, Best Icecream i repeat
The gula melaka and peanut nips is in the coconut 
you will have to push the icecream into the coconut then mix everything with your spoon
it taste really unique & delicious
You guys should really really try this when you're at Changi

#14 Starbucks
Starbucks food you can't get in Malaysia
Deep Dish Beef Pie is loveeeee

Molten Chocolate Cake, how can you not love
 Request to heat up your cake
it taste better when it is warm

That's all for now
Hope this post is helpful for your foodtrip in Singapore.

Disclaimer : This list is made from my own point of view.

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