Sunday, November 17, 2013

Where My Make Up Inspiration From

It's been awhile since I start blogging.
My make up tutorial will always have the highest hit.
I guess that's what I am good at maybe. 

I started putting make up since I am 14 years old 
I remember I used to steal my mom's cosmetic to use (esp compact powder)
and i always get caught, then my mom will be super angry
" kid use cosmetics for what ? later your skin will turn old very fast"
then i will always reply " im already 15 years old, i dont need you to care about my face"
and she's those kinda mom like she wants to care about every single bit of it
even what underwear i wear today #iswearitstrue

I remember i got my first Cosmetic is also a compact powder and its Maybeline!!!
I always apply the compact powder to my darkcircle cause my dark circle was really bad
& i hope to look pretty in school ( im really an attention seaker) thats why la hahaha
i rmb how hard i try to save money to buy cosmetics 
can tell i really really love cosmetics haha

and when i manage to get a bunch of cosmetics.
I bought a make up pouch for myself 

and I'm still using it !!!
still in a very good condition lol and it only cost me RM10 lollll

My mom actually confiscated my cosmetics pouch for quite a few times
just to stop me from putting make up
which is a nightmare for me
When my mom went out to work ,
I can spend all of the time at home just to find where my mom hides my cosmetics pouch.

my love for cosmetics was really true........
you have no idea how important it mean to me.

Well, I did not attend to any make up classes before.
But i did joined a few Make Up Workshop
and yes these workshop really helps me alot.
I've learn alot of make up skills from them
Beside, one of my bestie , Junie she is a make up artist
She teach me alot. especially how to apply eyeshadow. Nose contouring. etc etc

Beside, i loveeeee to watch make up tutorials
Start with my favorite Youtuber

Michelle Phan
you must be a fan of her no matter what. she is really amazing.

I remember i was attracted by her creativeness toward Lady Gaga make up
And that was around 3 to 4 years back.
That is when i Started to watch her videos.

And her make up Tutorial is just getting more and more interesting. 
Watch her videos you'll surprised
Every single tutorial has a story line
and im always suprised with her final look cause she will look super duper different in every different style !!

Looks like some MV ? but it is a make up tutorial !!!!

and now she even have her own cosmetics line
How successful this woman is 
Imagine that

I hope i would get her cosmetics someday.
They are planning to have international shipping. I CANT WAIT.

Her make up tutorials never fail me and and from each of them
i learnt alot.

Hana Tam
My recent favorite Youtuber 

I was attracted by this video

Let make up brings you all around the world.
her sense of humour and cuteness really attracts me alot.
and she's very creative too


She is really cute. but her make up is more on Ulzzang.

 But sometimes i find her make up tutorials are quite similar to Michelle's

All of them are amazing. I wish someday....
i would be someone like them
I need some encouragement !!!


  1. Hi!
    Thank you for hosting this give away!
    I really hope to win the give away because I've never tried Japanese brand make up before, and this would be a good opportunity! :)

  2. Hey Iiwen,
    I am so in loved this Giveaway so much as that i a super fans of Japanese cosmetics products! Aw :3 Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway thou, Feel like want to try out the Clear Last ft. Peach John so badly, is so attract me like the packaging and keep the skin flawless :D Wish to win this giveaway!

  3. Iiwen jie…

    Im a fan of yours since yur 16~ XP im yur school mates~ always stalk yur pic until now~i know it's sounds so horrible~ XD Really love how u make up, yur pic~ everything~ I hope i can win this giveaway so that i can improve my make up jz like u~ ><