Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ugly Facts

Suddenly have this idea pop up in my mind
Gonna share uglyfacts about me
Please be prepared k. Cause ....

#1 im not a tidy girl. My room is very very very messy. Worst than what you have in mind

#2 i tried before i nvr wash my hair for 5 days (-_-) i know it sounds gross. But i never step out of the house for that 5 days. So i think its fine cause i wanna maintain the color of my dipdye 

#3 i like to scratch my butt when i poop. I swear thats weirdest but i really find it damn syok wtf

#4 when i went home late (3am onwards) sometimes im just too tired and ill go to sleep without removing make up and contact lens
(I did it quite a few time wtf)
n my skin can obviously see it turns really bad dry & dull on the next day

#5  i dont eat nicely. Especially im very hungry. Youll see me 狼吞虎嚥 all the rice , vege will be all around the table. I have no idea why 

#6 i like to 賴床 i can do it for hours. If im late for class, ill just skip it. 賴床 FTW 

#7 i wear tshirt to sleep. And my favorite one are the ones have holes. Which i been wear for years. 

#8 for me, clothes have a life span. Once i wore it more than 3 times. (I mean good looking clothes) Ill never allow myself to wear it again. (Thats why i sell my preloved item in Carousell) my clothes will be always a goodbuy k buy from me k wtf

#9 i dont have sexy underwear. I only have plain color underwear. Some even like ah ma type underwear wtf I like to buy those 3 for rm10 underwear from jusco. 2 for rm10 i still find it expensive. But i always renew my underwear half a year once.

#10 my boobs are small. If you ever see me in bikini with shapes. It must be silicon pad. Not cotton or sponge. I need to put a silicon pad wtf.

I realized someone unfollowed me. My followers was 180. And now its 179 wtf. Maybe he/ she cant take how disgusting i am wtf
I knew this would happened.

Nevermind its your choice to unfollow. But im just being myself

Really had so much fun writting down these #uglyfacts
Made me laugh damn hard when i think of it. 

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