Friday, November 15, 2013

Forbidden Beauty by Majolica Majorca & Ma Cherie

It is Majolica Marjoca 10th Anniversary
that was fast i remember I was super excited 6 years back when it started selling in Watson
I was attracted by their magical and fairy tale like packaging
their products always looks princessy and yet all the products are always so good so good.
I love all the Humming Book series. they looks even more fairy tale like.

The event is held in a winter theme. so all the bloggers were told to dress up in Blue/Silver
let's see if i met the dresscode

i think i match the dresscode quite well and well thats my #ootd

even my make up wants to match the dress code too !!!
okay this picture has been filtered so it is not so obvious.

nah here's one full face for you.
and it is an inspired Barbie Make

Im using Sephora Eyeshadow (Blue Shades)
Dolly wink No.1
3CE Bad Pink Lipstick
Brigitte Blusher

okay enough of my face
So let me bring you to the event lol

Here's Majolica Marjoca Latest collection 
Their Product is still so good, and the outlook never fail me.

and Ma Cherie

I've tried this hair fragrance and it smells real good and it is so useful for me
cause i always get irritated i eat in the hawker center, pass by the smoking areas.
it not only helps to Prevents odourand eliminates food and tobacco smell,
Protect every strand of hair , and it also protect hair cuticles.
One thing i love this because 
It is in a right size to convinient people to bring around

i even join this game in the event to see whether i can win the Humming Book series.
awww i wanted to win so badly.

Make up counter, Shenny went there for the Lip touch up lol

and i went to the hair counter to curl my hair.
and tried all the hair products from Ma Cherie

Even our picture i have to put some snow effects so it would match the theme lol

After the event we went to TFM for dinner. it is a real good dinner thou.
some warm up after the winter lol

Thanks Shenny and DPSG group for the invite !!
it was a fun winter night lol.

and thankyou for the goodies.

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