Monday, November 18, 2013

[Give Away] Japanese Cosmetics Review

I actually Published this together with my "Where my make up inspiration from"
& i just suddenly dissapeared this morning 
I used almost an hour of time to get it done. 
argh nevermind i had already re-do a new post up.
For those people who had already slot in your entry for the giveaway
dont worry. it is already recorded.
Let get into the main point....

When comes to talk about Japnese Cosmetics
I do think that all the Japanese Cosmetics does magics
Even if i go to any drug stores. I always get facinated by those Japanese Cosmetics
and i can really be there for long just to try all of them

In my Make Up Collections 60% of them are Japanese Cosmetics
and well today i have something to share with all of you 

Clear Last X Peach John Compact Powder

What is Clear Last ?
Clear Last is a  Japanese Cosmetic brand which is very famous in their foundation series / BB Cream

What is Peach John ?
Peach John is actually a very famous Lingerie Brand in Japan
and all of their Lingerie are super cute !!!

What is Clear Last X Peach John then ?
Clear Last decided to collaborate with Peach John to create a super cute packaging for the compact powder & with the scent of Peach. 

By looking at the Packagaing I am already very very very attracted to it
Such a cute compact powder !!!
It comes in Two color
Black and Pink 

What are the difference ?
Well, its not just the color difference

Gives you a matte finish gives you a fresh look

Compact powder with shimmer in it to gives you a dramatic look

You can try to zoom in to see the difference

applied only With one swipe with my finger.
You can obviously tell that the coverage is good
and the peach scent smell really nice too !!!

They are actually limited edition pack
& they had already sold 4 million units of them!!!
how can you dont want to get them

Dolly Wink 

Definately everyone's favorite !!!
I really love their eyeliner as it can be so so so thin and it stay loong for one whole day

Recently Dolly Wink has produced this Limited Edition Pack
which comes in 01 Long & 02 Volume
Comes with a Eye Liner and Mascara only at $54.90 
I had already try their eyeliner and it works almost the same as the original one
The line can be so so so thin and it really stay whole day long
and i really Love the Mascara cause it really makes my lash longer
without any clumps and my lashes doesnt look thick at all
It just does enhance my Lash Length. which is what i have been looking for all the time!!

and now they are having promotion for these pack at only $ 32.90 
which means $20 off !!! what are you waiting for ?
Go get it at any Drug Stores.

 It's [Give Away ]Time

Since Chrstmas is around the corner
I decided to do a Giveaway for my readers !!!
This is my first time doing a personal give away
I am not told by anyone to do so
Its just what i hope to share with all my readers!!!
This is a fair and square giveaway i will be using RaffleCopter System

So here's my Christmas Gift for all of you...
Give Away Pack A

2 bottle of Bifesta Make Up Remover (Travel Pack)
1 bottle of Heroine Beauty ( Kiss me) Sunscreen Lotion
1 Pack of Limited Edition Dolly Wink Eyeliner & Mascara Pack 

 Give Away Pack B

2 bottle of  Bifesta Make Up Remover (Travel Pack)
1 bottle of Sunkiller Sunscreen Lotion ( Cooling Sensation)
1 Dollywink Original Eyeliner
1 Clear Last x Peach John Compact Powder 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


                                             XOXO, iiwen


  1. OMG. both packs are amazing!! I wish i would win the Give Away Pack B. <3

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  3. =DDDDDD I want to win Give Away Pack A! my email many thanks! <3

  4. Hopefully I'll get to win, been wanting to try Japanese cosmetics!!! My email is! hopefully I'll be able to receive a good news from you! Have a nice day! ♡

  5. Hi Iiwen! wishing u early merry xmas! :) I hope to win Give Away Pack A! Email: Thanks & take care♥♥

  6. The Give away pack A is so stunning! I wish to get dolly wink eyeliner and mascara in limited edition!! And I heard of bifesta make up remover is so so good!! So this is my email address : thanks!!

  7. Hello Iiwen!! Omg the Peach John Compact Powder looks good! In love with the Give Away Pack B! Merry Xmas!! Here is my email address: Thanks!!

  8. Hi Iiwen, thank you for hosting this give away! Just in time for the thanksgiving season Hehee
    Hope I can win any of these babies!
    Take care <3

  9. hey iiwen, I love your blog so much, and glad to heard that you want to give away those awesome make up package, I hope I can win the package B, always be happy =]

  10. Hello Iiwen, thanks for holding the giveaway! It's really great that you're sharing some of your favourite makeup products with us and I'm especially excited because I've always wanted to try those japanese makeup products :x I hope I can win package B but honestly both packages are great (* >ω<) Thank you again Iiwen!! <3

  11. Thank you for this giveaway! All the items are equally good! You're the most cutest blogger i ever seen.. Hope to see you at J-Runway soon! ^^

  12. Hi:D iiwen! I'm your instagram follower <3 Sometimes whn I got free time also will come to visit your blog. But my english standard a bit low so...bcs forgive me if I write wrong in this comment :) This is the very first time I try to join this style of giveway on blog. I feel so lucky bcs I can join your first personal giveway. Actually I like all the Christmas Gift tht u prepare in this giveway but I prefer Package A. Bcs I love the limited edition Dolly Wink Eyeliner&Mascara Pack so much! I really hope can get it as new member in my cosmetic box!! I also hope can get the Bifesta MakeUp Remover n Kiss Me Sunscreen Lotion. I can easily bring it out whn I go out travel or do anything:)

  13. Hope i will win it~~~~

  14. Iiwen jie~~

    Im a fan of yurs since ur 16~ XP Im yur school mates~ always stalk yur pic until now~ I know it's sound so horrible~ XD really love how u make up, yur pic~ everything~~ I hope i can win this giveaway so that i can improve my make up jz like u~><

    (posted wrongly in another post)

  15. I wish to get package B
    the peach scent is attracting me so much
    my email is
    I hope I can hear the good news from you ♥

  16. I hope to win package A !
    Bwahha not sure if you remember me but met you at sasa x dollywink event @ bugis junction & hope to see you again ! :DDD
    And thanks for hosting this giveaway! And i'm using the peach john's too! But the shimmery oneeee!
    Love the peachhhh smell <3
    *finger crossedddd* @bangtheroses ~

  17. Thanks Iiwen tan for the giveaway =D

  18. Firstly, thanks for holding this giveaway! I was glad to attend 2 month's ago Shibuya Gals event at bugis Sasa where I knew about you. Secondly, I really hoped to win set A as I have always wanted to try the dollywink mascara set but it was kinda expensive for me to buy ): but in any case giveaway or not, win or not, I still love your updates! (:

  19. omg sorry Ive forgotten to leave my email!

    once again thanks! (:

  20. Hello there! Always loved the way you blog and hopefully I will win! Love both the christmas pack you've prepared especially the make up remover, cos it's fun sized and I can bring it out for travel or keep inside my handbag. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Cheryl (

  21. Hello liwen! Thanks for having this giveaway :)
    Enjoy reading your blogposts with many awesome sharing!
    I would love to win either one gift package so I can try on this two Jap brands!
    Merry Xmas to you in advance~
    My name & email: Hui Ying -

  22. I hope I can win package B :) thank you.

  23. Thanks for having the giveaway :) I want to try on japan brands! So either one gift package is okay for me.
    Name and email: DuanduanChristine (
    Hope to win this!! Thank you!

  24. Hi iiwen!
    I've reading your blog since long time ago.
    You are a very sweet girl.
    It's very enjoying when reading your blog to know about your life :)
    So I join this contest and hope I can be a lucky one..
    thanks anyway^^
    My e-mail is

    Have a nice day!

  25. Hello iiwen, Very happy to see you hosting this giveaway to all the readers including me :D
    I like both packs so much & ofcourse I hope I'm one of the lucky girl hehe :)
    Anyway, hope to see your good news soon! Nice day ahead ^__^
    My email :

  26. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I would like to win Package A because I'm a huge fans of kiss me and dolly wink. Hope I can be the lucky one <3

    Email :

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  27. i didnt use any japanese cosmetic before and i have very less cosmetic cause i am still studying and some of them are really i cant afford...heard about kiss me and dolly wink before, popular brand hope some day i can try them... if i have the luck i hope to win package A to try :)
    Thanks :)

    my email:

  28. Wish to win giveaway pack A! Have been reading ur blog, dayre and watching ur youtube for long time. Just wish that i have the chance to win it =D
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    ThankYouuuu ! ;D

  30. Hello iiwen! =]
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  31. Hi:),
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  32. HI :)
    Both packs are nice !!! But I wish i would win the Give Away Pack B. :D
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    Thank you <3 <3

  33. I would love to win Give Away Pack B but either would be great ^.^

    Facebook name: Li Na

    Hope I'm one of the lucky ones.
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway <3

  34. I hope I can win package A , thank you.

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  37. Hi pretty iiwen..^^
    I hope I can win giveaway package A♡

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  38. I wish to win pack B.

  39. Thanks for having the give away. Any one pack is okay for me.

  40. Thank you for this giveaway! Hope i can win this :)

  41. Hope i win, either pack is ok, thanks for the giveaway:)

  42. hie iiwen!!!

    i would love love love love love to bring package A home pls~~ <3
    had always been hearing awesome review on dolly wink but couldnt get my hands on it.. as they are kinda pricey when i saw it in sasa. so if im able to win it den it would be a dream come true to me!

    thx a lot iiwen! :)