Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oiishi X JRunway Event

Oiishi X Jrunway Event is successfully held and we Jstar Girls enjoy it as well.
So, basically this Oiishi x Jrunway Event is actually aJapanese Food Tasting Event.
and we also talk about Japanese Fashion & Japanese culture.

& Jrunway brought Oon Shu An to be the host of the event,
 i finally met her in person. as i knew her from Tried&Tested -
Go watch her videos & you'll know why i like her. The way she host all her videos is definately professional yet hilarious & i love how she goes mad with unicorns. super funny la
And yes, she did very very well in the event

Thanks Jrunway for bring awesome people around so we can get a chance to meet awesome people too.
isnt she gorgeous !!

First, we present Jrunway's apparels in our own style !!!

The we tried the Japanese Sake. 
wow tat drink suprise me. its actually a sparkling sake.
not too bitter, sparkly and sweet !!

And then.... Jrunway made all of us change into Yukata

Now We present you the Japanese Sweet !!
well i did not get a chance to taste the sweet la. it looks super yummy
When I pass the sweet to the guest some thick face guest one hand get 4 pieces of Japanese from my plate
thats rudeeeeeee !! pls allow other people to get one la.
everyone who rvsp deserve to get one piece.
 you get four pieces how other guest get to taste the japanese sweet?!
Rude people is rude. typical kiasu singaporeans.
and Yes, Group picture after all the japanese sweets is given out.

and then, all the Jstar's Favorite session. camhoooooo all the way 

Lastly, I wanna thanks all these awesome people who work hard
& get this event goes successful
Nami -san 

Kiyora & Siti the intern !!!

and my favorite Jrunway Staff !!!
I almost went to Jrunway monthly to shop 
and they always serve me well and give me suggestion and all.
Thankyou Girls !!!

Lets end up this post with my #OOTD shots

Everything in the picture you can get from Jrunway
White Basic High Collar Shirt (Jrunway)
Riche Je U Necklace
Checkered Skorts (Emoda)
  include the shoe (Emoda)
and the super lovely leggings.

I'm not if you can get this Yukata from Jrunway
But i really love this set of Yukata.

and this is what i wear to Jrunway
The necklace (Emoda) is from Jrunway too !!!

Not getting Oiishi enough ?!
Here's some food tips for you.

Try Ittacho Sushi !!! Located at Plaza Singapura too !!!
Definitely Yums 

Try these awesome Souffle From Moshino Coffee
Located just Right above Jrunway 

If you ever miss it its your lost !!!

And one more dessert tip from Oon Shu An Through her Tried&Tested -

Try Canele's Salted Caramel Macarons suggested by Shu An 
Canela also located at Plaza Singapura.
Thats the reason why Plaza Singapura has become my favorite spot to shop !!!

TTFN " Ta Ta for Now" ~

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