Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oct 2013 Shopping Haul

It was a quite boring Sunday for me, and im all on my own today
As Most of my friend having date with their love ones or even a date with the assignments
Well I have no dates with anyone nor assignment cause i always think that weekends must be the days that we should relax ourself and not to think about thing that makes you stress lol 
what a excuse for being lazy hahhahaa but exam week is an exception lol

Instead of staying home doing nothing,
Ive actually made a appointment with Asian Skin Solution at Bugis Village for a facial Treatment
It was actually my very first facial treatment in my life omg
i find it quite fun lol but idk why my face look super pale after the facial treatment 

After the facial treatment i went to Liang Court Kinokuniya to collect my book (ENAMAKE) from Japan ;D
Im super excited !!!

ENA Matsudo is the producer of EMODA 
now she actually have her own cosmetic line
this book actually talk about how ena use emodacosmetic on her daily make
even from head to toe
lol if you're interested GO kinokuniya to place an order & it is only for $19.40
it comes together with a super cute Emoda Lipgloss, the color is so nice 

$19.40 totally worth it !!
After that I went down to Plaza Singapura to shop
My current favorite place to shop lol

I bought a Brush Cleanser from Make Up Forever
Pore Minimizer from Benifit ( this product is amazing)
and a concealer from Benifit too
3 of these product already cost me more than $100 dafuq

& Today, the main point for me to go down to Plaza Singapura, Jrunway
is to buy EMODA AC Bag

I wanted to get the red one
it is actually a two way bag
it can be a sling bag or either a backpack
I knew Jrunway bring in this bag few days back by receiving their newsletter
then i've already promise myself to go down by this weekend to get it
in few days time, IT IS SOLD OUT
omg, i keep on complaining to the staff hahaha not really complain but i keep on telling that this item must be restock hahahaha i even contact with chinami, i hope she can help me with this.

I was quite happy to see Jrunway bring in more more more more more EMODA items compare to before 
and guess what, i saw this awesome dolly heels, 

cute or what ?! and it is my FIRST PAIR OF EMODA SHOES OMO

Look how nice was it ?!

I pair it with the leggings i bought from Jrunway too
it is actually Disney series leggings. all of them are so pretty.
and i find it really cute 
and this matching made my shoe turned into a FAIRY TALE.
agree or not.

I was looking for this kind of necklace everywhere
i wanted to buy from Emoda but it is quite pricey.
I've seen it in F21 but i refused to buy it because the gold color is too gold -_____-
quite dilemma to choose the color between gold and silver
in the end i get both
thats the reason why dont left me shopping alone.
I'll go bankruptcy for real.

and i Get my limited edition Design Liquid Eyeliner from DollyWink !!!
Haven't try it but i'll make a review soon !!!

and this set of make up brush in a floral packaging
too cute i can't resist !!!

Its actually quite fun shopping alone where you dont need to follow others people plan and it is quite relaxing.
but it might be too boring when you need someone's suggestion to choose colors else you'll be like me
getting both colors on the same item =___= my wallet is bleeeeedingggggg 

So... That's all for today ;D

it is my first time doing a shopping haul post thou.
If you like it pls leave a comment / share it with your friends 
haha it's a big encouragement for me you know.
Love ya xoxo.

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