Monday, October 21, 2013

ChurpOut #2013

Its my 2nd visit to #Churpout this massive event held by ChurpChurp & Nuffnang
#Churpout2012 was held in Publika. 
really love how the event goes. 
Thats why this time i purposely Travel Back from SG to KL just for this event 
& now #ChurpOut2013 was held at the outdoor park beside Setia City Mall
which is located at Shah Alam is also very far from my KL house omg

You might wonder why i sacrifice alot just to come for this event
1) to pass this little Romper which i DIY for Fighter to Audrey & Timothy

The Penguin was an Iron -On patches
which comes in Front and Back
super cute omg
then i wrote Jude's name & #fightertiah behind 

I'm so glad that Audrey likes it ^^
Hope i'll see #fighter in this cute onesie someday
 why i'm so into fighter you might wonder 
then you should read my blog more *angry* > READ THIS <

2) to support my blogger friends as they joined this event to sell their pre-loved items
my lovely Jessica 

Lumi , oomg it is my first time meeting her. 
she like just my size omg
petite girls

idk whether you guys know or not. but shes my favorite blogger
i can watch her youtube video which she does them years back then and dont feel bored
*as she doesnt make much youtube videos now.
picture taken last year during #Churpout2012 omg

and now #ChurpOut2013

When i see her i was like confesss to her lol i tell her how much i like her and everything
Guess what , when she asked for my name , and i tell her that im iiwen
and she says that im cute OMO
that really made my day
i think i comment too much on her blog and instagram lol *thickface
and i was telling my bf that she rmb me for the whole day omg 
im just way too happy
Bought quite a few apparels from her.
and she gave me discount cause she wants to pack things up already cause of the bad weather.
manage to get one Emoda Piece from her. awwwwwwww how nice was it

ill for sure meet her again for the next #Churpout2014 AGAIN !!!

One thing sad is, when i reach the destination was about 3PM it was raining CAT & DOG out there.
thats why i didnt take any picture of the event lol i was just in those fashion booths
I felt so lucky that i had actually choose to wear a high heel boots on that day. PHEW
still thanks to my love one. who accompany me to the event haha. he was so bored. and im so happy to meet all my friends and my favorite bloggers omg

This event really worth my effort T___T

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