Monday, October 21, 2013

Your Perfect SunKiller

Want to go to the beach but afraid of Sunburn and pigmentation on your face?

Went to this Sunkiller event , which their product is really hot selling in Japan ;D
& i get to know how important it is for us to protect our skin from sun D;
I dont really apply them because i find it troublesome
i dont really like my face to applied thick amount of products on my face

And they have this BB Cream with SPF 50 ++
which is enough to protect my precious skin from the sun !! & the coverage is fine too

Let the Sunkiller be your solution !

So which is your favorite ?

This is my favorite !!! it is actually a BB cream !!! 

this is real cool stuff cause it actually feel cool too hahaha

And we have this game being a victim & a killer
blogger which get a sunkiller card in their goodie bag will have to kill the one with the victim one

well, im being killed in 1 minute time after the game start lol
so go to SunKiller SG facebook to make our guess on who is the cruel killler that kill me within 1 minute lol.

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