Friday, November 15, 2013

听见雨的声音 Gala Premier

I was invited by JaneChuck to this Gala Premier 

and i have a chance to meet Vivian Hsu in real
i remember Vivian Hsu used to be my favorite singer
and my favorite song is 爱笑的眼睛  i can sing this song very well also la =X
Luckily i have my 11 years friend to accompany me to the event
else i'll be a loner... or loser lol

omg you see so many people 

My photo skill was truly bad
let's see what Charmaine gets from her camera

my photos has nothing close than this hahaha
im actually quite suprise with what she has taken thou

Vivian Hsu is still so pretty omg
how can she maintain like this ???

Here's a picture of me with JaneChuck
女神就是这样 站在我旁边 我马上被扣分 lollll
she's so friendly

Okay movie is .... than what i expected .
anyways i'm still very happy to see VivianHsu in realllll

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