Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Was A 7 Month Premature Baby

Hi, i suddenly have this urge to blog about blogger i had stalked since I was 14 y/o. and now im 20 y/o.
I've been loitering around blogger for years and watching lots of bloggers grown up as how successful they are being a blogger, and how they build up their own Family.

Blogs I read at least 3 times per week

 (most follow up ones)
I watched every single "Guide To Life" episod
its everyyyy singleeeeee episodddd
Everyone likes her by her attitude, the "dont care" attitude which everyone amazed with it
lolllll and shes being super influential. like every single sentences she say
you will spend 1 or 2 minutes to think about and immediately 
agree with what she do or what so ever.
but sometimes i do think that she's abit kuazhang xD 

 (im her super big fan)
i watched all her youtube video also
i learnt lots of her uselessfashion tips, beauty tips 
and i even get addicted of EMODA because of her.

 (i knew her since the awesome proposal timothy did for her)
every sense of humour of her and timothy really attracts me
i love to read all the conversation of her and her husband Timothy.

(i get to know her from clicknetwork.tv budget barbie)
Getting super good in bargaining because of her.
since she's famous of being budget barbie.
she cares about every cent she spend.
That is a good thing to learn !

I think they blogged at least 6 years +
from what i know they are already close to 10 years blogging experience.
they are very experienced bloggers and seems to be the first generation bloggers
 (not saying they are old even our age gap is quite big)
since when friendster & blogger are still in the trend.
They are already very very popular, and kids like us stalked them everyday.
And i watching them grow, 
having their own career in life.
Getting awards from blogging.
Getting succesful in their own career.
In love with somebody else.

Getting proposed by someone they love

Timothy's meme proposal which touches everyone in this world
Every girl's dream proposal

Getting Married
and the Cheesie & her Danna Weddingmoon
theirs no video taken in her wedding i think ?
i have not seen any yet.
and she did not expose her danna that much.
Okay, maybe she have her own reason ? Just read her blog post !

Even they gone through this much
and still sharing on their blog.
every single bits of their life.

and now, some of them have their own babies

To be true, i teared everytime i watch this video
its like even you read her blog for so many years
it so touching to watch her getting through life.
It's so touchingggg to see her becoming a mother.
and now 

Dashiel is few moths old and so so so puffy and cute !
I was waiting for #dashoftheday #dashcomic and also his video everyday!
Watched once its uploaded.
and Dash is so so famous now. Everyone cant resist his cuteness !!!
The urge that made me get this post up is
Fourfeetnine gave birth last night
She was having Preeclampsia few months back
Its dangerous which having fighter (Jude Maximus Tiah) inside her
and fighter cannot be delivered so soon because it might danger Aud and fighter's life
if any of you did not know about this / or any one of you have not follow up these news
you guys can update yourself more at TimothyTiah's Blog and also FourFeetNine.com (Audrey's blog)
All these reminds me of my mother gave birth to me.
I was born at 5th of May 1993 a 7 month premature baby (so do my younger brother) 
and im only weighting at 1.1kg, my brother is 1.05kg which is smaller than me
The weight is recorded on my birthcert, written by my father. 
Since the medical technology is not that advance 20 years back.
The reason for my mom give birth that early is unknown.

so this is a picture of me 45 days after birth, 
when i was healthy & safe enough to bring home
I survived after the 1 & a half month stay in the incubator.

This baby ( me ) everyone pray for this little baby
hoping that she may live well and healthy
even my uncle went Thailand to be a monk just to pray that me this little baby girl
will grow healthy
Everyone seeing me as an alien lol (this is what my mom told me)
Like im too fragile to hug. everyone dare not touches me 
cause they really scare they might just kill me with a bit of touch
Only my mom & dad dare to handle me this little fragile baby.

a comparison between a premature baby and a normal baby
 (my cousin bro which is one month older than me) born at 10th April 1993

My mom always told me that
And my mom was told by the doctor that I could die anytime ,
she was having phobia of getting phone call from the doctor.
She's so afraid that she will lost me anytime (im her first child)
as you know im abit rebelliant. i always say okay lar okay lar
even now (she just sent me photos of me being premature as I requested for this blog post)
She said : Go study now and make me proud @@"
Me : okay lar okay lar *continues blogging
I dint know how she feel. and how my dad feels
for me it feels like just a piece of cake pffft.Im just a premature babay
 (angry with mysef why i feel that way now)
Until today, i read Audrey & Timothy's blogpost.
They described everything in details , now i know how my parents feel.
The feeling that your child is in danger zone that you can only pray that he will grow healthy day by day.
I am not JUST  a premature baby. I'm a premature baby that everyone pray hards and hoping me grows healthy.
and the letter Timothy wrote for Jude really made me cry thousand times.
It was so so touching.
I think that is also a letter from my parents, in another way
I think They also wanted to tel me the exact same thing .

so here's a picture of Jude ( 8 month premature baby)
May God bless Audrey & Jude stay healthy and they are able to get through this.
 & Jude (this little fighter), Audrey & Timothy will be a Happy and loving family.

And Jude Maximus Tiah will be a healthy and happy baby like Dashiel (Xiaxue's baby)
This little fighter that fight for his life will be grown up healthy as me today.


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