Monday, August 5, 2013

Aloxxi Thermal Styling Spray

I am a Girl cannot live without curling tongs.
i just feel like my hair just CMI with straight. so i must must must curl my hair after i dry up my hair.
But I always have problem with styling my hair, 
Cause i want my curl to be super super natural and big wave.
but it just doesnt last long, even i pray tons of amount after i done my curls
it just makes me feel like my curl has fixed become a rock.
once i spread it, it wouldnt be nice
  or maybe my hair just stuck between fingers and its super hard to style my hair again.
i have to wash my hair again just to re-style my hair. super troublesome.

Then Josie from Vellus Hair Studio introduce this Thermal Styling Spray to me 

What isit so special ?
Watch this video ;)

If any of you is interested with this product pls comment below 
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