Friday, August 2, 2013

How i become a Mermaid in MBS

HI peeps , if any of you followed my instagram you guys should know that
I went to MBS(Marina Bay Sands) for a staycation and loads of pictures and videos are uploaded in my instagram.

MBS is one of the place from ''The Place I wish to go'' list before I die.
I always thought I might be only can reach this place after I have my own stable income or whatever.
I didn't know that this lucky day came foward that fast.
My friend actually came down to Singapore for her Birthday Trip
She was rewarded from her parents for 3 Days 2 Nights in MBS 
OMGGGGG how lucky she is
Garden By The Bay View Room
OMG this view is super fascinating.

So here's my lucky friend, Mun 

Had a tour in the room. Super comfy and I love their Toilet
Idk why but i always have good feelings to nice Toilet lol

We actually plan to swim on the Last Day before Checkout.
But after we went up to see how the SkyPark really looks like on the first Night.
We fingercross that We must swim everyday whenever we are still
You can never get over the awesome view.
Its so Amazing.

The next morning, we woke up at 6:30am (The pool opens at 6am)
See if we can get the sunrise view.
But too bad the weather is abit doom (but still awesomely awesome)

Suprisingly that the water is not that cold.
I think they actually warm up the water abit, 
cause A temperature of the pool of water on 57th level must be MAD.

This is what we called LIFE.

xx Night Swim xx

Same Bikini ON -.- (i only have one bikini)
lots of people ask me where i get this bikini.
I actualy bought it in Taiwan.

Here's the view from the window beside the lift.

Night Swim is actually MAD.
dip into the water and you can actually feel you're in Arctic Ocean. Loads of icecubes swimming with you.
Once you get out of the water and you'll start shivering like MAD.
and my camera did not perform well for night shot.
We took like 50 pictures and we only get 3-4 are the nice ones.
Anyway the pool close at 10.

Night View is romantic.

Afternoon Swim before we check out
Am I close to be a Mermaid ?

spot my ribs (x.x)
I did not try hard to inhale just to get this flat tummy ok.
its just that my ribs are more percuding out (O.O) does this actually happened?

Sunbathing lol actually not. just for photo session.
Ill never make myself tanned.

The best swimming experience is the Afternoon ones.
cause the Sun is doing fine. and the water temperature is just nice too.
So its the most perfect timing to swim
We had so much fun in this Staycation.
and still Thanks to my bii for giving me such a chance to explore MBS.

One of the most memorable ones in my life.
Cause I almost got myself becoming a mermaid lol wtf.

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