Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meet Up with Sofia Wakabayashi

It was a super hectic Sunday, i actually went to MBS overnight the night before.
went for a night swim then the next day is afternoon swim again.
slack until 2:00PM then only i realize tat i dont have much time left to go back to my house
and get myself done again. so its super hectic.
Luckily the event starts early so it okayyyyy... chill...

Well JRunway have this special meet up for Jrunway fans
Customer who buy more than 50 bucks the customer will have a chance to get a photo with Sofia Wakabayashi 
Which is the Asia Next Top Model ~ yayyyyyyy ~

so here she is, with the Odango Girls ~ before the event starts.

 She's super super tall and gorgeous ~! *fangirlmode

I heard that someone else from Malaysia purposely came down just to see her OMGGGG

and LOOK ! super cute Sophia's Fans

and now i become one of their fans orrrrr
maybe my fans ? wtfwtf
 -     Behind the Scene    -

My all time Favourite Girl Jacqueline aka Golly Locks

And the crazy fans of EMODA, Pearlin !

and OMG, its syiirin !!!

Syiirin, Rachel, and Yishien

Lat but not least

we are still the Odango Girls~~~~

Group photos of the Jstars & Sophia !

xx OOTD xx

Matching 3CE color eyeliner from @pawanna_shop in instagram

Accesories : Bracelets All from JRunway (Rich Je U)
and spot my Transparent Chocker from JRunway 

hmmm, this is my first attempt of dressing close to Punk this time (close)
Top from JRunway (Baby Shoop) 49bucks 
Leggings from Random Blogshop
and my favourite boots from TaiChung Night Market !

Will blog about my stay in MBS soon !
So dont forget to come back again k. Loves, xoxo.

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