Sunday, August 18, 2013

[Review] : Yokoso! Magic Boo

Recently i get very addicted to online shopping is because.Made me go bankruptcy
Whenever the postman comes, you feel like "IT'S CHRISTMAS"
unwrap present time. LOLLL
Look what came to my DoorStep yesterday.

YOKOSO! MaGic Boo One Minute Treatment Cream
what ? what you've read ? ONE MINUTE TREATMENT?!
i was telling myself. what a joke?!
ONE MINUTE, all the hair salon can closed down already.
anyways, it came with a big big big comb. from what you've seen in the picture
the first thing i do when i see the comb is BRUSH MAH HAIR.

got so magical or not. Lets Try !

Wah really one. You only need to brush your hair like 3 times to untangle your messy hair.
3 TIMES ?!Why so Magical one. cannot believe lol.

The comb is already so magical what about the Treatment cream ?!
Cant wait to see how Magical it is.
to be true. Before i Unwrap this Parcel.
I can already smell the fragrant of the Treatment cream.

You dont believe ?! you try buy lar. LOL
Serious one, now i smell the cream.

Wahhhhh, really smell super nice lar !
Imagine its on your hair. it gonna make all the guys faint once your swip your hair lol.

Now i apply okay.
you must wash your hair first before you apply.

Wash your hair with shampoo then rinse off with water.
Then you apply the treatment cream.

i can feel my hair its going to be super smooth lol 
happy girl face lol


Brush your hair after you rinse off the treatment cream.

Blow it dryyyyyyyy.

you know lah, i must curl my hair one.

after curl then brush again.

Left : without using any treatment cream.
Right : Result after using Yokoso! Magic Boo 

and the smell its super super nice it can make my bf faint lol

GOOOO get this amazing 1 minute Hair treatment
save your money from going to salons and also save your time !
 Yokoso! Magic Boo from IBeauty House
They are selling more more more amazing products
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  1. OMG! I am SOLD just looking at your photos of the before and after effect. :D

  2. u this evil made us all keep buying grrr!! btw, still loving ur blog omg !
    love to read blog which drive me crazy i must be crazy also zzz