Friday, July 12, 2013

Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf

oh hi guys, yes i haz bangs
yes i trimmed it myself
my middle length just dont go well with me
its so hard to style your hair when you have middle length 
do you feel it that way too ?

so now do you like my bangs?
pls drop me a comment bellow ;D so i can know what you guys think about me ;D
and  Jessica

idk why we got so much to talk about lol

yes we had a date with the Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf at Bangsar
lol thats the restaurant name ;P

so this is what i ordered 
look at the poached eeggggg 

yums yums ;D
where's the spoon and fork ?
the big bad wolf steal it isit ;(

I did not took any picture of Jessica's food cause it did not turn out that well
suprisingly she finished it cause she's super hungry lollll

then we went over to Alexis for dessert session

the super famous Tiramisu 

super excited face  wohooo

we actually walked around and capture some pictures lol
Guess what
From this picture i've already posted in instagram 
i get comments like
"where are you ? vernice or italy or somthing"
i was like... seriously lollllll
"oh so this is the new shop opened in Bangsar ?! isit good ?!"
this is even more awkward cause we'e just standing infront of the shop taking pictures OMG
*the awkward moment*

i dont know why but i find her abit like my younger sis lol
so i always call her "xiao mei mei"
she keep on tells me that im super brave cause i can drive a super big car
and i speed lollllll so cute
and i told her " you'll be like me in two years time " LOL