Friday, July 12, 2013

Nicholas's 22nd Birthday

It's Nicholas 22nd Birthday !!!
They actually made this party happened in PGRM hotel (as usual)
i prefer hotel party compare to club cause you can actually interact more with your friends and without
the bombombombombombombom
its super hard to talk to friends in the club.  then people will go like " BOTTOMS UP''
then you'll end up drunk pointless.

We played card games and the loser will have to drink
but pls dont look down to card games okay.
this bunch of crazy people in the hotel room really can make you drunk
with super duper stupid card games haha
i do really enjoy it
cause its been super long time since i last felt " i wanna continue to play till the sun rise i dont wanna go home"
imagine how fun it is haha

there's nothing much to say , ill just let the pictures do the talking ;)

my favourite silly girl 

and the CLUBBER >.<
damn angry when she left us earlier and went to club

my so-called elder sis, Junie ~ love her loads

 mun mun <3

 and coco ~

din manage to get all the girls in but still i love you all ~~~

super high llolllll

that's me and the boyfie between Nicholas
DO RE MI ~~~
 stupid camera goes blur

May your dream comes true Nicholas ;)
Wish you all the best !!!

super love this bonding session
had so much talking with each other and we dont wanna go home !!
hope our friendship will maintain and filled with loves.

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