Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vellus Hair Studio

Recently i get kinda bored with my usual hairstyle
Like this !
Dark Brown coloured hair + middle length hair and middle length fringe
so bored right.

Then i found out that there's this new Hair studio located at 83A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore, Singapore 088504
I did not get any hair studio which i used to go then i shall just try The only 3 month old Vellus Hair Studio

What makes me feel like trying out ? cause ...
They have loads of good feedbacks shown in their Facebook (
Go check it out !!!
and why isit so special about their hair studio and why they get so much of good feedbacks and they are just 3 month old ?!

Guess what, they only have 2 rooms in their Hair Studio

This is the room where i get my hair done, its so spacious !!!
and there will be only one hair stylist attend to you throughout the whole service
unlike other Hair studio, they might be few people attend to you to cut your hair
color your hair, wash your hair, and you din't even know whose the major one attend to you !
That is why Vellus Hair Studio is so special !!!

So Josie is my Hairstylist ;D
We chat alot !!! she's super nice and funny
Look for Josie if you're heading to Vellus to get your hair done

and you get treated as super VIP in a normal price

Before She start doing anything to my hair
She show me my current scalp status lol
which i dont dare to try it !!!
pls prepare for some disgusting photos
piece of oil stuck at the pore lol

Hair coiled in my scalp

my hair dint get to get out from the scalp cause my scalp is too oily
OMG imagine that

Josie advise me to get a scalp treatment after i do color on my hair.

Im going to try something NEW !!! you'll figure it out later !!!

Yes , I bleached my hair for the first time in my life.
I'm confident enough to let Josie do anything on my hair
cause she really take good care of my hair while apply super strong chemical on my hair.
OMG ?! blue ?! White ?!

Proceed to the Scalp and Hair treatment !!!

they lower down the light
put on some super relaxing music for you !!!
 I actually fell asleep while doing this treatment !!!
Private room has so much benifits lar. see i can sleep during i get my hair & scalp treatment
in other salon you have to sit until everything done and by the time 
your ass ache like siao haha

So this is Before & After !!!
My hair is currently now ASH GREEN
super satisfied with their superb service and the outcome !!!

I definately will pay another visit to  Vellus Hair Studio
Love my hair ? go get yours at  Vellus Hair Studio


  1. wowwww! Look like VIP and the hairstylist looks so profesional. My hair is very and i hope can have some treatment like this too :3

    1. you can go try at vellus ;) the price is reasonable and the service is superb !!!

  2. Love it so much:) Nice hair color u got. Sometimes really felt bored with same hair style for sometimes, maybe is time for think of something new and special for my hair.

    1. you should try something different ;D then you'll find maybe others suits you more ?

  3. Wow looking awesome. I like your hair style. Thank you so much for giving us such kind of handy content which will be most useful to me as well.... I will follow your blog always. Thanks!!! Hair Studio LDK

  4. Hello! Can I know what dye did they use on your hair? Manic panic or nanomist? Is your hair texture the same after dyeing it? Really hope you can reply me:)