Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lost & Found.

I'm a phone addict, I cannot live without my phone. My phone is always on my hand. I never leave my phone alone unless its necessary. Yes, I'm to this extent and I still lost my phone. For twice. The last time I lost my phone is when I was in KL. I drove out and went to dapao for breakfast. I think I drop it when I get down from the car. I realize my phone is lost less than 5 minutes. But it's just gone and its already turned off. People see iPhone they'll just take and turn it off and take it as theirs. (Esp in Malaysia)

This time, I was on my way rushing to class. The first thing i wanted to do is to charge my phone in the class. plugged in the charger but WHERE IS MY PHONE. All the while my phone is on my hand. How can it be lost ?! It doesn't make any sense, I walked back to the route I took to look for it but its not there. How can it be lost ?! I was super terrified. At that moment I thought my friends prank me. I thought they will giv it back to me when lesson ends. But unfortunately after lesson ends they still give me the face like they did not prank me. My phone is really lost they even help me to find. My classmates help me to spam call my phone to see if theres any one pick it up. They even ask me to try to find my phone through the app "find my iPhone" and try to report to the police to help me look for my phone by using the code , and other various ways. This is not a prank. My phone lost. I'll never get my phone back. No mood for class for test for dinner. My phone is gone. I was super emo for the whole night.

This morning I woke up and look at the place I used to charged my phone. My phone is no longer there. I called my phone again. It's turn off. I felt super hopeless. I was about to be prepare to get another one. 
Then I get a Facebook message from my classmates !!! Somebody found my phone. And passed it to the administration office !!! 

Thank God there's still kind people around.
Super duper happy of course 
I went to the administration office to pick up my phone and guess what IT'S FULLY CHARGE. 
Whoever you are, thankyou for being so kind. THANKYOUUUUU

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  1. You are considered really lucky. Honesty like this really does not come cheap.