Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mask Time

Hi peeps, sorry for scaring you like this.
smmore its already 1 am now lololllll

Just finished watching Grown Ups 2, its kinda dissapointing thou
cause the first one is super funny, i repeat watching the movie for couple of times and its still funny for me. ;D
Anw i Just had Mcd for supper hehhhs super fattening.

Went home and suddenly i have the mood to do mask and blog about.
How rare this is lol.
i usually feel like want to have mask on when i feel stress and when i have the feel to do all these stuff haha

Maskssss i get from Sasa while they having GSS hehhhs
(approx $1 for each) super cheap right

I randomly pick this ;P

For me, doing mask must be very relax
1) Comfortable temperature
imagine your room is in 35 degree. omg. How would you have the mood to do mask.

2) Prepare the environment.
you wont feel comfortable if your bed and room is super messy right 

with my lappie on my laptop table (y)

3) Play your favourite playlist

 4) MASK ON !

idk why but i always feel like i cannot move my face when i have mask on lol

Goodnight peeps !!! love you all xoxo

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