Monday, July 29, 2013

Datsumo Labo Consultation Session

Hi Girls, Have you heard about Datsumo Labo
Or maybe you have seen any other bloggers made a review of this 2nd Largest Company in Hair Removal Industry.
And they have 54 Branches worldwide !
I've read some of the other bloggers blogged about this Treatment is super effective and PAINLESS at super reasonable price 
How can you not keen?! and Alot of celebrities uses their treatment !!!
So, I called and make an Appointment.

Few Days Back, I went down to Datsumo Labo (Tanjung Pagar Branch) 
for consultation .It's a must before you go for the treatment.
(My hair was still super goldish cause all the ash color drop off T_T)

Went through the consultation and I realize that I've been hurting my skin and pores all the time
Cause i used to use tweezers to remove my hair. lolol wtf yea underarms one
and i used Depilatory cream to remove my lower legs hair

Nowander my underarms so uglehhhhh.
I dare not Raise my hand at public. SUPER UNGLAM

Well, you you you
Which method are you using to remove your hair

You cannot use all the method above except Shaving
 i was quite shock Shaving is the better way 
I thought that it should be damaging the skin ;((
thats why i use tweezer and its painful ! (thats the reason why i used to wear long sleve ;x)

So this is the method Datsumo Labo using ~
I'm looking foward for the treatment session which I already made my appointment on Friday ~ !

If anyone of you is interested with  this treatment 
You can approach them by calling

And quote my name "iiWen Tan" for 10% off bill

Any other inquires ? Go to their website to find out more ^^

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