Wednesday, August 1, 2012

EastCoastPark, Cycling Day

HELOOOO ! it's Sunday peopleeeee
well , last night i missed the olympics grand opening since my house have no TV or whatever.
It's kinda like dissapointed ;( nevermind , nowadays we have Youtube ! ;D

My friends and I planned to go EastCoastPark for cycling ...
Let's get the journey started !

OKAYYY, stupid fringe i have ;(

we rent our bicycle here


there's roller skate training too L0L

Randomly saw these on the floor ;D
No idea you guys have any childhood memories with this small dried durianlike thingy ;D
They can be found at the seaside , i think ;\
 but well , i have ! My dad used to name this ''little durian'' . So i alwayyysss collect them into a box ;D

we climbed up to this wall ! omg this is damn scary

here's the stupid jiajia ! took picture with the sky ;D

MCDONALDS as breakfast !
well , when u eat mcd , its not a choice , its always when u have no choice !
agree with me ? hmmmmm

Mc Cafe

When u come to Singapore you seriously have to try this
Mc Wingg ~ 

then i tried with the curry sauce
which idk why isit so famous in singapore and you have to pay 30cent if u ask for more D;

TRIED, well yeah ! it sucks =.=

View from McD D;

Then we went ION Starbucks for tea session

well this MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE is always a must when i come to Starbucks ;P

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