Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One Day Trip to Batam, Indonesia

well , its a really last minute plan for this trip.
I told my friends : eh ?! I heard from my classmates , they say from Singapore to Batam only need 45 mins by ferry. Why dont we go ?!
They was like : This Sunday loh ?
okayyyyyyyyyy ... then lets go ! hah ~

I wanna be a millionaire ~ so freaking bad ~
and now my dream comes true ! HAH ! imma billionaire now !

Here's my #ootd
Casual look
Jumpsuit from #Forever21girls (kid size 12) D;
Footwear Birkenstock

Sentosa View from the Jetty

Here comes the wind ~ blow blow blow ~

Me , Jiajia ,Kaili

When we reach we really have no idea where we want to go
then we google for infomation
nowadays people cant live without google already.

We search places for food and asked people around for indonesia traditional food.
And we just realize now is puasa time.
We was like shittttt -.- we came at the wrong timing.
we haven take our brunch yet , how?!
hungry like madddd...

Then we asked the taxi to tour us around to search for food...

after "brunch" then we go for massage session
its my very very first time ! *excited*

its damn friggin cheap siaaa D;
only cost me around 7 sgd...


Its damn relaxing .....

Then we went to Harris Resort for WaterSports !

Ready for the water sports ? yooohoooo

Canoe-ing timeeeeeee 
its kinda boring ~ damn scare that the boat will flip over ~

then we go for banana boat too ~ damnnn exciting !

ATV Tour 
this is really damn fun ~ we pass through muddy places ~
small hills and everything ! wowwwww amazing

See the price ~ cheap right

its time to go ~


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