Friday, July 27, 2012

Jogging Day in School !

Hello ! Sorry for showing up my heavy eyebags and darkcircles !
Currently is waiting for the Grand Opening Launch of the London Olympics 2012 !

Recently I'm preparing for my finals until late at night , another reason for my eyebags and darkcircles.

I sleep in lecture , I sleep in Canteen , I sleep in Library
I can sleep anyhow anywhere D; can see that how tired I am ... sigh

Recently like Subway like rice, eat them everyday ...
really getting bored with it ! anyway...

 I Always had this subway cookie as tip bits during the lecture or tutorials D;
hope they can hellp me to gain weightttttt ;((( currently *36kg now...
Double Chocolate Chip & Chocolate chip are the BEST ones !

After I finished my class , Kaili&Jiajia came to my school to jog D;
too much nice guys in my school so they use jog as an excuse to GAPZAI xD

My school's Sport Complex
Best part of my school ! haha 

come and join us ? 

I gave up after i run for 3 rounds D; no idea why my chest was so painful ;(
too weak !

After that we went to NEX@Serangoon to hut for dinner ;D
Everytime we get stuck with the same question : WHAT TO EAT ?!

In the end we choosed to eat Ramen@Ajisen Gourmet Town

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