Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dessert Time !

Today I dont feel like doing anything ~~~
I just wanna lay in my bed ~~~
Actually I'm suppose to do my assignment now ,
 its just too bored and I just feel like I wanna blog ;\ #beinglazyagain

who can cure my lazyness ? D;

Just feel like wanna share , the dessert I had last Tuesday !
Which located at Gelare@Causeway Point, Woodlands

There's 50% discount for Waffle with icecream and whipped cream on every Tuesday !

what a long long long queue ~

choose you own favourite flavour !

Fruitti Trutti Waffle X Strawberry Ice Cream X Whipped Cream

Chocolate Chip Waffle X Cookies and Cream Ice Cream X Whipped Cream
its a #musttry dessert ! you wont wanna miss it !

Picture from my Instagram @iiwen_tan

Kaili ;D

Jiajia (x.x)
Both of them are acting cute ;( yeeeee

No idea why recently i get so addicted with desserts
especially chocolate D; 

No idea isit a good news or bad news ? ahaaa

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